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  2. I'm thinkin that mesos gained from selling equips are bit too low, sometimes after a session of grinding i don't get enough mesos to cover the cost of my potions used! It don't feel too good knowing you ain't making a profit from investing time. Another thing i'm wondering bout is are there plans to have the rest of the inventory avaliable for free? It feels pretty bad having to use up a buncha cash to unlock 3/4th's of your inventory space. With 8k for 4 lots it might take quite a while till unlocking them for every tab too! And is it possible to add in the pirate reworks from the mutiny update? The reworked gunslinger was my favourite class ever! That class + post big bang was pretty much the reason why i wanted to play on this server.
  3. [Knight Skill] Lightning Charge

    Bug type: Skill - Elemental Type Property Summary: Lightning Charge does increase damage like it says (25%) but i don't think it gives me the lightning property (might be tied in with charge blow error) Bug Description: I use Lightning Charge - my dmg against Slimy is minimaly increased Reproduction Steps: Cast lightning charge Screenshots & Video: Any screenshots or videos to share about this bug? Share it here! Character Name & Class: Porgi - lv 78 Knight Date and Time: \
  4. 50-70 Kerning Square Monster Park SOLO 1/2 RUN - slightly better to slightly worse than Blins solo depending on clear speed but do give you a lot of useful stuff. If you're a long-ranged class then engage the Cheap Amplifiers at range and keep them there as they have a small but significant chance to crash you on-attack. Clear out the bottom floor of Stage 5 and then quit, the 2 bosses are 100% not worth your time. If you're a melee class - clear out the bottom floor of Stage 3 then quit, it's not worth the risk of crashing. If you can do to Stage 5 in 9 mins or less/Stage 3 in 5 1/2 mins or less then this beats Blins. (60+) Scarf Pleads in Ariant Desert ('Dry Desert' iirc) - better than Blins, higher pot burn. 80-100 Authorised Personnel Only in Magatia AKA 'Nothin Personnel Kid' - I tested this, it's marginally better than GS2 Arrow Rain stair spam which means it should be significantly better than solo GS2 for classes which can't cheap out on the stairs. Very good solo map, especially for classes with low mobility, good drops. Don't party here, use a GS map to party. For 95+ These are all better than Ghost Shit 6 Red Nose Pirate Den 3 - also a viable map for either multi-laners (stand on staircase to hit 3 lanes) or normal classes as they can still hit 2 lanes whereas they probably couldn't at RNPD 2. Along Ulu City - amazing map and spawn, downside, the Montrecers throw annoying stuns at you whenever you pause for a moment. Ulu City Centre - 'The Classic', very good map generally even if EXP:HP ratio not as good as GS maps, better spawn compared to Mr. Wanchors, best for classes with a double-jump/mobility. IF YOU'RE AN IL OR FP GO HERE YOU SHIT ON THIS MAP SO HARD.
  5. Bug type: Skill Bug Summary: Body Boost cannot be used with Advanced Dark Aura Bug Description: Body Boost fails to detect Advanced Dark Aura and therefore says "This skill can only be used while an aura is in use" and does not activate. Reproduction Steps: Use Dark Aura with points in Advanced Dark Aura followed by Body Boost Screenshots & Video: https://imgur.com/a/JhCQQ Character Name & Class: Bomb (Level 120 Battle Mage) Date and Time: 8:30PM (GMT-4)
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ultimate Adventurer Medal

    Bug type: Most Likely an Npc Error Summary: When you Create your UA - the Medal is supposed to be the KoC name Successor - ie Chewbacca's Successor. Bug Description: Currently creating a UA uses the NPC Cygnus as the default name - so everyone's Medal is Cygnus's Successor. (also it has random stat generation for some reason) Reproduction Steps: Create a UA Screenshots & Video: Any screenshots or videos to share about this bug? Share it here! Character Name & Class: Porgi , - UA Page Date and Time:
  8. I'm not sure how easy it would be to add this or if it's do able without making more issues, but right the best way to spent A cash on a pickup bot I mean pet is to get a pink yeti and never look back It be nice to pick at pet based on looks and not what skills it has
  9. Bug type: Vampire skill and Smoke Bomb Skill Summary: Vampire does not heal Smoke Bomb does not apply DoT Bug Description: ^^ Reproduction Steps: Use skill any time Screenshots & Video: Any screenshots or videos to share about this bug? Share it here! Character Name & Class: Sara, Night Walker Date and Time: All the time
  10. Mystic Door

    Bug type: Skill error Summary: Priest Skill "Mystic Door" does not function properly Bug Description: So many, many problems. It randomly causes the game to crash, spawns the character in weird places after going through the door (sometimes off the map entirely, forcing you to relog or CC to respawn), and never spawns the character in front of the door. THe door itself can spawn away from where the skill was cast, sometimes off the map/ After it expires, it will disappear in town, but not in the map it was used, leaving a one-way portal to town for the character who created the door. It doesn't work for party members after expiring. Reproduction Steps: Use Mystic Door. Watch what happens. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Moonbeams, level 102 Priest Date and Time: 1/20/18 2:59 PM EST
  11. Combo ability

    Combo Ability does work properly.
  12. Updated thread, Subway PQ removed from meta spot as its nerfed. KPQ and LPQ still requires testing. Nett's Pyramid viability reduced to lv60 Escape PQ added as 110 - 120 spot TEMPORARILY LHC Buff coming soon.
  13. Combat Step

    Bug type: Skill Summary: Combat Step does not give passive movement speed Reproduction Steps: Make an aran Character Name & Class: Fake level 10 Aran Date and Time: 1/20/18
  14. Combo ability

    Bug type: Skill Summary: Combo ability does not add weapon attack as it should per skill level Reproduction Steps: Make a level 10 aran and cross reference any ascension wiki Character Name & Class: Fake level 10 Aran Date and Time: 1/20/18
  15. Bugs with Heal

    Bug type: Skill error Summary: Cleric skill "Heal" does not consistently resty party members' HP. Bug Description: When it works, the amount of HP restored is minimal. Heal's HP restoration is tied to magic and divided across party members, but it still seems abnormally low. Sometimes it doesn't restore party members' HP at all. It always restores my own HP fully though. Reproduction Steps: Have a cleric use Heal on party members and watch what happens. The effects seem a little random so it might take some time until you see the buggy things. Screenshots & Video: Wish I knew how to use video making software.... Character Name & Class: Moonbeams, level 100 Priest Date and Time: January 19 2018 11:19 PM EST
  16. Bless does not stack with other buffs.

    Bless and Advanced Blessing never stacked with each other, but they should both stack with non-Bless buffs, which they don’t in Nautilus.
  17. Last week
  18. Bug type: Game Client crash Summary: Hitting Jr. Balrog makes you disconnect Bug Description: Any attack Key word ''any'' attack makes you crash Reproduction Steps: You hit Jr. Balrog, you crash Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: I'm a level 51 Wild Hunter Date and Time: 00:30 GMT +1 I tried this 4 times with different attacks, and each different skill would make me crash.
  19. Cider duration inaccurate [nautilus]

    Will someone please move this to the Nautilus section? I was unaware those were different.
  20. Bug type: Is it an NPC error? Or a visual map glitch? Game client crash? Summary: Give us a brief summary of your error. Keep it short! Bug Description: Okay now. Break it down for us. Reproduction Steps: So... how do we trigger this error? Give us the deets! Screenshots & Video: Any screenshots or videos to share about this bug? Share it here! Character Name & Class: Well... who are you? And what job are you? Date and Time: When did this happen? Be sure to include your timezone. Bug type: Can't add maps to Vip Rock Summary: The Maps simply won't appear on your Vip Rock list Bug Description: Maps on vip rock invisible when saved. Reproduction Steps: You save a map it doesn't work Screenshots & Video: Doesn't seem necessary. Character Name & Class: irrelevant Date and Time: always
  21. Bless does not stack with other buffs.

    Advanced Bless Never Stacked with Bless- but there was a bug with Legendary Potentials - Decent Advanced Bless did.
  22. Bless does not stack with other buffs.

    This is exactly the same as the game text. In GMD during this era I also specifically remember both Bless and Advanced Blessing being stackable.
  23. Attack Deet & Roi. You crash. Before Big Bang he was a bot-catcher monster who sent people back to town, but now he's supposed to be a legitimate, killable area boss. If you try to though you're gonna crash. 100% reproduction.
  24. Can't Leave Evan's Map

    @GriZ That doesn't work, just keeps teleporting me to the exact same spot when I use a return scroll. Thanks though!
  25. Bug type: Change channel, Disconnect from game, character stuck, client crash Summary: Change channel, Disconnect from game, character stuck, client crash Bug Description: While I'm hunting for rare mobs I change channel a lot. On average every 10th cc will disconnect me from the game, then shows my character is logged in already (for 30 sec), then when I can log in again my client will crash when I select character. Then after relaunching the client it lets me back on. Reproduction Steps: Move through a set of maps while changing channel 5 times in every map. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Night, Evan Date and Time: 7~8 AM server time, 19 january (I disconnected about 10 times between these times)
  26. Bug type: Skill Summary: Sharp Eyes Crit damage is not working, crit damage buff on skill description is 0% Bug Description: Damage between no SE casted and SE casted is exactly the same, therefore the crit damage buff is not working Reproduction Steps: Switch off SE and test damage, and back on and test again Screenshots & Video: nil Character Name & Class: Noire, Marksman Date and Time: 19 Jan 18, 2030hrs (+8GMT)
  27. Bug type: Party quest bug Summary: Subway PQ only warped in party leader Bug Description: Attempting to enter Subway PQ while in a party only warps in the leader of the party. The other member(s) are left behind in the main party quest room and are unable to enter. Reproduction Steps: Make a party and try entering. Screenshots & Video: Not a video of me, but shows that entering with a party is possible. Character Name & Class: Bellatrixa - Magician Date and Time: Around 4:20 AM PST
  28. [Skill] Critical Magic

    delete plz accidental double post
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