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  1. Regards P2W

    +1 Quote for truth
  2. Fix Quest Exp

    And this would make the game even further p2w with the premium +100% Quest EXP boost. Tread carefully here, please.
  3. Founders [Beta]

    I don't think there's anything funny or meme-worthy about the p2w on this server. Let's see how long Nautilus lasts. I really hope the administration reconsiders their stance on p2w.
  4. Regards P2W

    +1 We need to have an honest discussion about how p2w this server is. Seriously, why would we play something with this much p2w when the official game is just as bad?
  5. Regards P2W

    As long as you can still buy Premium with USD, it is pay2win. The other alternative (using mesos and vote points), means sacrificing your in-game time and money to get something that another player could just buy with real life cash. Pay2win.
  6. Regards P2W

    Bump can anybody confirm whether or not this server will be P2W?
  7. Regards P2W

    Yeah so if Nautilus ends up being P2W, my entire guild is no longer coming over here from Royals. If that happens, you can also expect this server's population to never exceed 100. And good luck being successful at all as a P2W server, jesus