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  1. [Skill] Snipe (Marksman)

    Snipe 1 hit KOs normal monsters (working as intended) but does 0 damage to bosses. The splitting between normal monsters and bosses (1 line vs 4 lines of damage) is working as intended. The damage difference is also working as intended. IT. JUST. DOES. ZERO. DAMAGE. TO. BOSSES.
  2. As per title... only happens when you enter a portal from the previous map
  3. As per title, I suspect NPC Maed is the culprit as he teleport around the map when the user enters the map. Same can be said of NPC Russellon next door at 'Alcadno Research Institute : Lab - Center Gate'.
  4. Ah right, forgot about the basics of subway and nett's lol. thanks Will
  5. closed, user error

    thread closed, actually works lol
  6. Back from my holidays. Following changes are made: Subway PQ as meta from 25-40 Nett's Pyramid as meta from 40-70 A few spots removed after testing them. A bit of formatting to ease reading Will update more as it goes.
  7. cmon, i mean, we caught our fishes and he doesn't want to accept them. seriously, you click the npc to exchange the 10+ fishes you have and it returns to the dialog that says we don't have the fishes required.
  8. Guide ready for open beta. Will be away for 3 days, good luck and have fun.
  9. Currently it only drops in Monster park at ~1% rate per item. This is going to be really cancerous to the path to 4th job. Lack of potential scrolls, mastery books in the market will drive people away from 4th job classes as there is no progression. Please consider this change. Thanks.
  10. they're supposed to, but they're not. Might affect 4th job skills as well. Hunter/Ranger might have the same problem.
  11. Borked PQs

    Updated with lv70+ PQs