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  1. Regards P2W

    Not to make some p2w players butthurt, but sharing is caring and I don't want to leave some people hanging with their answers. Please understand I'm not starting an arguement here , I merely suggested p2w features for the server to have so end game users can enjoy. @KingKongSchlong , @foreign , @GriZ
  2. Features for this server?

    The special thing about this server is which this is the only server that's post bb. Which other servers out there has this? There might be a list of feature when it goes live but the admin has the final say. Yeah this server have potential. Potential scrolls.
  3. +1 to this . Make MW only available on ht drops too and not obtainable via mmb
  4. Regards P2W

    obviously most of you all aren't reading the entire post. this thread is to suggest P2W features for end game users. You are paying for a headstart and benefits before you earn mesos to buy your benefits you had even before the game begins. As long as it's an advantage over people who chose not to pay, it's basically p2w. You are already paying for an advantage over players that chose not to pay. Simple as that , no matter how big or small the advantage is. You want to be less annoyed? Feel free to avoid this thread. You want this type of thread to never appear? Remove 3 days headstart and every in-game beneficial advantage for paying users. Replace it with permanent cosmetics. Every player starts on the same day. Make it like Rien. Then you call it f2p. No one's crying here so stop finding reasons to make a pointless argument.
  5. Regards P2W

    Ahem* +10% EXP & MESO Rate +100% Quest EXP Rate +50% A-Cash for every vote f2p Will save up enough in-game a-cash to buy a 100% exp quest rate coupon . Oh wait .. you need to pay for that feature.
  6. Regards P2W

    I believe we are if you can't even answer your own questions in regards to it. Let the feedback be seen by the devs and let them decide what to do. I'm just pointing out on things you said that contradict your own thinking. good day.
  7. Regards P2W

    Having an advantage over others by the means of using cash is already considered p2w. If founder pack was a one time thing and you guys are buying to show your support, why not change it to only donors cosmetics instead of cubes and those extra exp and those increased votes? And if you want to say you are just want to donate to help out the server, why not just donate straight instead of receiving any LP or any rewards in game in return? Since founder pack was a p2w feature for new players to get a headstart and a support for their server, why not suggest more p2w to keep this server fulfilling and long lasting? If this server have potential to reach 200 or more like how it was with Rien in the past, why be satisfied with 20-40 players capped on the weekends? Pretty sure you don't need any benefits or headstart to be competitve in terms of leveling and items if you say this is not a p2w server yeah? And if any way you want to support the admins and server, p2w shouldn't be an issue yeah? Because ultimately, you want to support this server and the admins that are working hard behind the scenes right? So I definitely know what I'm talking about. You probably didn't play maple since beta and long enough to max level prebb to know what's call f2p. You should probably stop crapping and start suggesting better stuffs for the devs to take into feedback and implement it if ' support ' is the least you can do .
  8. Regards P2W

    Huh ? You guys are already buying the founder package for extra boost of exp and acash/vote and other beneficial items to start easier . You are basically paying to win. o_o I'm saying donations can be used for buying beneficial items , not game spoiling items.
  9. Regards P2W

    Firstly , thanks for making a MapleSEA server after Big-bang. It's really nostalgic for me and I would like to share my suggestions in regards to P2W. I'm suggesting a longer run for end game to help this server. Donation item currency. using LP to buy stuffs 1.Weapon upgrade slots , so you can spend LP to give 1 of your gears an additional slots , up to 2 additional upgrades slot , 2nd upgrade will cost more than the first . MapleSEA uses gold box to get items that has additional 1 or 2 slots in the past and it's a neat feature to put for end game. 2.Mounts / Chairs / Special Cubes/2x exp,drop/Pet scrolls for att/matt, items that is not farmable via monsters and normal means (but can be obtainable via boss/pqevents/events/etc) can also be added onto the donation NPC. 3.LP can also be exchanged into special coin that allows it to be tradable around players in nautilus. Maybe a-cash to be able to exchange to for that currency but maybe 1:10 of the special coin or something? 4. Special status title on character to be able to farm till [Above average stats items], or get special access to [1 extra runs on bosses] or able to use fishing chair for fishing to get items and exp? 5. Premium VIP teleport rock(7d , 30d, perm) ? I'm not suggesting adding in items like white scrolls or any game-breaking p2w stuffs, but more of game enhancing items stuffs which p2w players and normal players can still buy and enjoy. I think Nautilus is really great and standing out among all the current server at the moment. And after the incident at Rien from 200+ players to barely 10-20 a day, I hope this feature I suggest can be implement to keep the players happy and accessible for competition and such. I really love the post big bang seasons and am excited to see this server goes official without any wipes. * Note : I briefly suggested some stuffs that come to mind and not a full list of suggestion I would add at this point of time. Accepting mature criticisms regards to p2w and whatever I suggested just in case this tilts any tired people.
  10. Bowman/Gunslinger close range attack

    ' Ranged ' , ' Melee ' . if you need further description , you can proceed to Google its meaning. And old school maple is an insane long grind where almost everything in the game matters . Nothing here is easy. Even leveling requires half of your brain to sleep . Ask him go back GMS and see longer and higher lines of damage instead. I hope this clarifies your doubts.
  11. Rien has been open for about a week or more or less . Yet we don't have a full server event . Here's a few suggestions . 1. Global maple leafs drop for item exchange . Can make use of your event maps . 2. Collect X required item to exchange ticket that can get random items/chairs. Make tickets tradable to get some market flowing. 3. Collect X amount of coins/tickets and exchange via a NPC with all the items inside . 4. Cake monster spawn and gives delicious cakes and coins/tickets. 5. Collect item from npc , stay online / kill certain amount of mobs to exchange into item which gives random rewards . 6. Make rien custom event map . Obviously maps that have high spawn rare will have to be adjusted accordingly. Like CDs , ludi if drop were to be added globally.
  12. Don't know what's with the complains on so what's nerfed and whats buffed. I rather you spend more time training or finding new spots to train in . But here's a few suggestion to help all the crying people who are unhappy with the patch and decided to give up on life. 1. Revert spawn on all GS maps . 2. Add in party play bonus . More member , more exp . 3. Party play area on unpopular maps . 4. Revert or buff ludi pq bonus stage drops. 5. Give 5 coins for lmpq instead of 3 . 6. Open up ulu city for More training spot and previous overcrowding in Gallo and teddies . 7. Readjust spawn rates on unpopulated maps . 8. Party play area on aqua road . Squids / bone fish area. 9. Showa hideout map to increase spawn and adjust exp . EDIT 10. Make pq on scale with players around the pq levels . More exp for players around the pqs level . Anyone below it should have at least a 80 - 90% exp penalty. I suggest the GM not to limit maps to a certain area where it's hard for players to get a map and train . Let people train freely around the game. Sometimes you have to put yourselves in our shoes . Stop hurting your players until they decided to leave and eventually ask what went wrong. Thanks for your time for listening to this rabbit talk .
  13. Leeching

    I don't think anyone address this yet . But at least for now , leeching is still possible . I suggest that you make the anti leeching system a priority to fix now that rankings are officially up on the site . Characters are meant to work hard to get to , not spoonfed by bishops and genesis . Please prioritize it considering we already have bishops around in the servers already . Thank you.
  14. Surfboards/acc/maple weps

    I think snowboards should be on events like winter or christmas seasons where mobs drops them instead .
  15. Marksman! :D

    As much as I want to see this happen , I don't want it either cause other jobs will require a buff and 'overpower' sniper . I think xbows are pretty healthy atm .