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  1. Tempest

    We had our first Alliance event of 2018! Kept it simple with a race through Henesys Pet Park. First 3 players to complete the course three times would win a nice prize of meso Congratulations to our winners! 1st Place ~ Lixinho 2nd Place ~ Y3llowhealer 3rd Place ~ Marvel Special mentions go to Sold for turning up after the event had finished! And also to Kumatora, who was the only player that didn't manage to complete the course even once! (Despite practicing earlier) Thank you to all in attendance, hope to see you all again on Sunday February 4th for another Alliance event!
  2. Quest Bug: Karcasa Relents

    Bug type: Quest Summary: Can't complete the quest Bug Description: The quest 'Karacsa Relents' can't be completed. You click on the Camel Cab in Ariant to hand in, it makes the sound of the quest completing but the book bubble above the NPCs head remains. Reproduction Steps: Do the quest. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Skye, Cleric Date and Time: 13/02/18 GMT @14:20
  3. Tempest

    Not managed to find you online yet but I know I've been pretty busy this week. Hope to see you soon!
  4. Small Typo Error

    Bug type: Text typo Summary: Typo in quest text Bug Description: The quest Toy Soldier's Walnut sends you off to hunt tasty walnuts from 'Dirty Ratz'. Some poor newbie could be scouring that Eos Tower for days as the monster does not exist! The text should read 'Black Ratz' Reproduction Steps: N/A Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: On this occasion, I am Jale the Crossbow woman! Date and Time: Errr... sometime yesterday 11.10.17, don't think it matters.
  5. I might be voting enough! At least I'm planning on it I had no idea we had to post in this thread though, I'll try letting people know as I'm guessing I'm not the only one!
  6. Anti botting NPC

    Bug type: NPC error Summary: Can't turn off the anti bot NPC Bug Description: The Snow Witch found in Watch Out For Icy Path I is tormenting me! The hunters altar on the map seems to be the key to making her leave but it doesn't work. I drop the required items at the altar which pleases the altar as it takes the items quite happily but nothing about the snow witch changes as she continues to troll me by warping me to town! Reproduction Steps: Follow the steps above Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Shona, Ice/Lit Arch Mage Date and Time: 08.10.17....continously all day!
  7. Tempest

    I know it's been a while since I posted in this thread. Just thought I'd say the guild is still alive and I've updated the Jr Master contact list. If any new players happen to be lurking on the forum and are in need of a guild, get in touch as we'd love to have you!
  8. Hello!

    Welcome Chow! Hope you're enjoying your time here so far. Not seen you ingame yet but I suppose I've been kinda busy this week, hopefully bump into you soon
  9. Noob? No Fret! Beginners book

    Really nice thread. I would also add no secondary stat requirement for equipping gear, as a mage I feel that's a biggy as it's so nice not to be stuck in a bathrobe for eternity! Also gatch....what is this?
  10. What is this?

    Ooooh I see! Thanks for clarifying
  11. Capt. Latanica Fight

    Bug type: Spawn placement error? Summary: Monsters spawned by Capt. Latanica are appearing in the wrong area. Bug Description: Monsters spawned should be on the same platform as Capt. Latanica but they seem to be playing 'the floor is lava' as they all huddle ontop of a tiny barrel. Reproduction Steps: Start the fight and see for yourself. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Shona, Ice/Lit Arch Mage (oooh that feels good saying that now!) Date and Time: 1st Oct 2017 approx 11am gmt
  12. What is this?

    I just started noticing monsters with this symbol above their heads. What does it mean? I can kill them but they don't appear to do any touch damage, like they pass right through me.
  13. A Fresh Start?

    At one point, I was thinking, yea, we probably will need to wipe to get our population back up once all the kinks get ironed out. But now, I see the numbers are slowly increasing, sure it may not be much but it's a definite improvement and one I hope will continue. The server doesn't feel dead if you're in an active guild and I'd urge any new players to seek out a guild if they want to make a serious go at calling this server at home. Someone had mentioned earlier and it's true, the most popular private servers out there had a really small playerbase not so long ago, they have built to what they are today by sticking with it so I hope Rien will do the same. It really has the capability to become something truely awesome and I'm proud to say I've been here from the start. Keep on going Rien!
  14. Instance Timers Issue

    Bug type: It's a...timers issue? I don't know! Summary: Instance timer still visible after leaving party quest Bug Description: Was in a party to kill Astaroth with 2 other players. Once dead we all leave the instance. The time limit shown to skill Astaroth is still shown on the screen despite leaving the PQ. The party leader did not experience this. Once the timer reached zero all other party members were transported back to the Astaroth exit. I had just got to Ariant too! Reproduction Steps: Kill Astaroth within the time limit, leave the area via the doorways provided. Possibly don't leave first in the group or don't be the party leader as the party leader in our group didn't experience this problem. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Shona, Ice/Lit Mage Date and Time: 18/06/17 around 1700 GMT
  15. New Species Found!!!!

    Bug type: It's a mob bug Summary: I have discovered some incorrectly named monsters Bug Description: In Burnt Land II, for some bizarre reason all the Iron Hogs are actually called Iron Hook! They make no sound when attacking them and don't appear to drop anything apart from meso. Confirmed this by using @dropshere command and got a humourous response. Oddly enough, it appears to be only this map affected because checking Burnt Land III the Iron Hogs are shown correctly. Reproduction Steps: Go visit Burnt Land II and see for yourself Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Shona, Ice/lit Mage Date and Time: 17/06/17 16:30 GMT