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  1. 25-30 Subway PQ requires mob skills to complete (not for everyone)
  2. UAs?

    Yes they are a thing
  3. Can't Leave Evan's Map

    If you are still stuck you can get out using a return Town Scroll
  4. Evan skill tooltips that show +0 bonuses.

    +1 for this, a lot of evan skills have wrong or useless skill descriptions
  5. UA+Founders Pack

    Good question, is there any plan to share cash shop inventory between every class for official release?
  6. Founders [Beta]

  7. Regards P2W

    If you can't even read informations given to you I guess we are done here
  8. bad description for the Evan skill Says "up to 8 enemies" and "Max enemies hit: 3"
  9. Regards P2W

    stop talking if you don't know what your talking about? Founder package is a one time thing and is not giving more exp or a-cash. Premium is a thing that you can buy with mesos and vote point (acquired from voting on gtop). With Premium you get 10% extra exp/mesos and extra a-cash from voting.
  10. Quest bug

    Description does not match the map name
  11. Power elexir reward.

    I had 499 power elexir left from the gold founder package (stack of 299 and stack of 200). I got a reward of 300 power elexir from NLC gachapon and only 1 of them was added to my inventory. My stack of 299 was raised to 300 and nothing else happened.
  12. "A guard's third assignment" is bugged. Luke ask you to talk to the signs located in dusty winds hill, wild boar land, wild pig land, armor pig land and burning heat The Sign cannot be clicked on or talked to.
  13. Quest were appearing on top of Mir and were easy to follow in quest log as they are under "Dragon Master, Evan". They are also marked under the red "required" tag.
  14. Regards P2W

    No thank you, if you want p2w just go on nexon website
  15. Taxi NPC

    It appears that the Taxi NPC does not have a Lith Harbor option (tested in henesys and nautilus) In Nautilus harbor, you have a taxi option to go to Nautilus harbor. Clicking this will teleport you in the same map you are currently.