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  1. New player here

    Hi and welcome! What's your IGN so people can keep an eye out for you?
  2. Looking for Friends!

    Welcome! Get at me in game (MandyMarks) if you're looking for a guild!
  3. *hacker voice* I'm in. By the way, how many gold packs and how many silver packs are being given out? 4 each?
  4. To whom it may concern, This humble Maple citizen would be most honored to be considered for this position and a chance to show my skills and dedication to said cause. Thank you for your time and I anxiously await your sincere reply. Graciously, Tika, Phd. (All business emails should be redirected to my assistant, @HELLO)
  5. Bug type: Graphical error Summary: Marksman's snipe skill shows a really large damage number on enemies. Bug Description: It's some ludicrous number like 13b or something, I can't remember exactly. Obviously it's not actually doing that much damage otherwise I'd be the most op player on the server. I'm not sure if it's just visible on the Marksman's client or if other people can see it too, I never asked. Reproduction Steps: Be Marksman, use snipe, observe. Screenshots & Video: I will add a screenshot if necessary next time I play, which probably wont be for a week or so. Character Name & Class: MandyMarks, (guess) Date and Time: Always
  6. Bug type: Interface error? Summary: Players that are in the guild allied to yours appear as online in the alliance tab even if they've logged off. Bug Description: When you first log in it will only show people that are currently online and anyone that logs in after will also be added to the list but they don't get removed when they log off. Changing channels or relogging refreshes the list. Reproduction Steps: Log in, have someone from your allied guild log in and log off, view the alliance tab. Character Name & Class: MandyMarks Date and Time: Always
  7. Bug type: Visual Glitch Summary: The arrow from Piercing Arrow and the damage dealt by it are not visible to other players. Bug Description: To any player other than the Marksman using it, the charge up effect is visible, but once fired the arrow does not show up. The damage doesn't show up either, but the enemies will be knocked back and die like they should. The visuals work correctly for the Marksman using the skill. Reproduction Steps: Observe a Marksman using Piercing Arrow. Screenshots & Video: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingLongDinosaurPartyTime Character Name & Class: MandyMarks, Marksman Date and Time: April 16th
  8. Monster Desync Between Clients

    It's fixed at HImes for me, finally got around to grinding again.
  9. Bug type: Dropped item bug Summary: If someone picks up the food or drinks in the fountain stage of GPQ and then drops them no one but the person who had them can pick them up again. Bug Description: Only the person who picked up the food or drinks after breaking the box/platter can hold it. If they drop it and someone else tries to pick it up it says "Can't pick up item" or something similar. It doesn't say anything about the inventory being full, which it isn't. The fountain puzzle still works fine if the people initially holding the items drop them in front of the statues. We did not attempt it with medals and scrolls. All of the other items that are dropped throughout the GPQ could be dropped and picked up normally. Reproduction Steps: Go to stage 3 of GPQ, have different people loot the food and drinks from the boxes/platters and then try to drop them for someone else to pick up. Character Name & Class: It happened to everyone who tried it regardless of class. Date and Time: March 31st
  10. Monster Desync Between Clients

    Which part of the glitch are you referring to? Reentering the map fixes leftover sprites as well as stuck mobs. I didn't check to see if it fixes desynced mobs, however if both characters attack the same mobs the desync always happens no matter what.
  11. Monster Desync Between Clients

    No, I tested with both characters entering the map first and the behavior didn't change in any way.
  12. Bug type: Sync Error? Summary: Aggro'd monsters move differently on separate clients when both characters have attacked them. Bug Description: Dual clienting with my Priest and my Sniper at Himes, I lure the whole map to a corner using heal and then attack them with my Sniper. As soon as I start hitting them with arrow eruption they start moving around on my Priest's screen as if they lost aggro, while staying still and attacking me like you would expect on my Sniper's screen. Arrow eruption still hits the same mobs on both clients but on the Priest's screen it looks like the Sniper is somehow hitting mobs all the way across the map. When they die, the drops land in the same place for both clients, which is where the enemies die on the Priest's screen rather than the Sniper's. On the Sniper's screen I can see the Priest getting knocked around by enemies that aren't there, but are there on the Priest's screen. When the Priest moves away from the mobs the Sniper is attacking, they'll appear stuck on the Sniper's screen, not moving or attacking until they're hit again by the Sniper. Edit: Hitting stuck enemies again does not actually get them unstuck, they just move a little bit and then stay stuck. The whole scenario can be reversed too, luring with the Sniper and then attacking with the Priest. As soon as the Priest attacks they'll start moving around on the Sniper's screen but not on the Priest's. I took some screenshots of this in action: Also, I'm not sure if this is part of the same bug or not, but some of the enemies' sprites will stay on the Sniper's screen after dying, but can't be interacted with in any way. I only tested this at Himes with a Priest and Sniper using heal and arrow eruption. The Priest doesn't have 100% accuracy so it misses sometimes but still gets aggro, I don't know if this has anything to do with it. Reproduction Steps: Go to Himes with two clients on the same computer, put the windows side by side, lure enemies with one character and then attack with the other character. It's much more apparent in motion than in the screenshots.
  13. Tempest

    Tempest! <3
  14. PPQ Spawner Boxes

    In PPQ, if monsters are spawned by hitting the boxes then the party can't progress through the portal even if all of the monsters were killed. We tried opening all the boxes and killing everything but the portal was still locked. This seems to happen on all stages that have spawner boxes.