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  1. Back from the 'dead'

    Hey, I have played this server before, joined on February and stopped playing around April. After a few months I'm probably going to come back so feel free to add me in-game: uncleben.
  2. please don't let the server die

    I stopped playing because of the decline in players.
  3. About the drop rate

    Like, I don't know if they really adjusted the drop rate as Tristan said, but I was just talking about the drop chance of etc items. For example, if you killed 5 snails before, you would barely get their etc, you'd get like 2 shells out of 8 snails and that was really frustrating.
  4. About the drop rate

    I did not talk in any way about Maple Leaves, and you do know the Maple Leaves can have and probably do have their own drop chance. This post was written before this feature so it actually addresses the normal etc drops from mobs, e.g. snail shell from snails.
  5. It's time

    i am not talking about competition, but we can close the gap between the servers and we can take #6 !!!
  6. It's time

    see this ^? this is our chance to go up on the ranking board. so GO AHEAD AND VOTE EVERYDAY EVERYONE, because this way we can surpass fluffyms in rank and we'll get more people to play on this server!! it is just a matter of a few days and motivation. GOGOGO
  7. Developer Update - Week of 4/27

    Stroke your what
  8. Developer Update - Week of 4/27

    add owl of minerva
  9. Привет

    Hey I'm Russian too. Welcome.
  10. Channel popularity indicator

    People just look at the player count on the website.
  11. Evan Meme

  12. The way the event was handled was ridiculous from my point of view, and no, I'm not being rough on the Staff, I'm just saying how they can improve. The event was fine after they started using the clock and stunning people after the time limit.