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  1. getting error code .. help plz

    its a well known error, just keep running the exe, after a few tries it will launch
  2. download and install this version https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555 reboot and try to launch nautilus again.
  3. Blossom juice crashes the game on click
  4. Monster info indicate name and hp is selected, but still doesnt show it. tested with different mobs.
  5. What class will YOU be playing?

    during beta, mechs and db
  6. Rien Adventures #2 - Last Video Sorry

    man this is dope, i really enjoy those, please continue .
  7. Am I(still)elligible for the AP reset?

    i got mine yesterday, contact gms with the ingame @gm command or join discord and look for one of the gms.
  8. Final Attack: Sword not applying Mastery?

    no you cant use sp from 1 job for another, to be able to job advance you have to use all your sp first . what lvl are you, you can start over if ur not too high, or spend some nx for sp resets if ur too lazy
  9. Final Attack: Sword not applying Mastery?

    its better to leave final attacks at 0 sp, it will only lower your dps. how final attack works is like for example you have 4 monsters, the first one you will do the most damage and the last one the least like 500 300 100 50. with Final attack at 0 your regular attack does not have to wait for final attack to finish and you will be able to deal more stable damage to all 4 monsters.
  10. Ello There. :3

    Hey Kai, welcome to Rien !
  11. Latest Failure thread

    finishing lpq with 4 minutes left
  12. Mirror Links(Setup/DXWnd/Maplestory.exe)

    you should mention the false positives before people start blaming you for infecting their computers
  13. Windowed Play?

    you can try scaling the aspect ratio to 4:3 and play it with black bars