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  1. Giving pet a name

    Moved to the Nautilus Bug Report section.
  2. Untradable Items

  3. hey, sonny

    Welcome !
  4. [Rien] Premium Stylist

    Peek into the Premium Stylist. These lists will be updated as new styles are added to the coupon. Images will be added later. (If you'd like to request for a style to be added to the Premium Stylist, post here.) Male Hair Female Hair Male Eyes Female Eyes Also available for change via Premium Stylist are: Skin Color Hair Color Eye Color
  5. [Rien] Hairstyle Guide

    Do you want to know where the heck to find a certain hairstyle or if a style you like is available ? Scroll down to find out ! (If you're looking to find which styles are available via the Premium Stylist coupon, I will add a link later.) Side note: This is a work in progress. Images will be added and post might be reformatted later. Amoria VIP: EXP: Ariant VIP: EXP: CBD VIP: REG: Henesys VIP: EXP: Kerning City VIP: EXP: Ludibrium VIP: EXP: Mu Lung VIP: EXP: New Leaf City VIP: EXP: Orbis VIP: EXP: Showa Town VIP: REG:
  6. Where Can I Find These Hairstyles?

    Tornade is not available unless you purchase a Premium Stylist Coupon with LP, due to our Ariant stylists being a bit weird, but Slick Dean can be obtained via Henesys EXP.
  7. I'm not your assistant. You are my assistant.
  8. Party EXP

    We have a custom high level party play area at Temple of Twisted Time. We currently don't have plans to bring that system out of the area. If you ask people who have trained there, they can tell you that it is pretty darn op. They might even call it almost broken, in fact. If that system were in place globally, people would level way too fast to enjoy lower levels, and they might not try to go to our party play area in ToTT, which is highly recommended, at higher levels.
  9. It would really be easier to discuss specific scrolls. For example, your Topwear STR 30% that you were asking about, I've gone ahead and added it to both forms of Jr. Newtie & Nest Golem and then bumped up the drop rate percentage from Trixters. When you keep it vague like "1 dark scroll every hour at temple of time," it's a bit difficult to investigate. So please please, if you want to discuss the consistency of dark scroll/drop rate, it would be much easier to balance and adjust if we had specific scrolls, or groups of scrolls, to look into. Thank you!
  10. No no. I think we should discuss which scrolls exactly, then it's not hard to find a place for them.
  11. Cannot Start "The Last Song" Quest

  12. Quest bug: Verifying the password

  13. Just your typical jack-o'-lantern all lit up for Halloween ready to spook y'all on the haunted hayride