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  1. hey, sonny

    Welcome Mouse, I hope you enjoy your time with us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  2. Decide my class for me

    White Knight!
  3. Looking for Friends!

    Welcome to Rien Rowl, have a fantastic time!
  4. Commendation To Lumiere Network

    Such a nice post Magpie, thank you for the feedback. If only the world was full of more people like Vox.
  5. Banning people

    If you feel rules have been broken, I would suggest you use the GM contact forum with details of those you feel should be investigated. Please provide valid evidence and as much information as possible to assist with the enquiry. I will be closing this thread as there really isn't any reason to seek community feedback.
  6. Quest Bug: Reef's Gratitude

    The quest line used to work, we did need to spawn in the NPCs but I recall checking it myself and it worked at the time. Xari has changed something on 6th of November which may have affected this?
  7. Eliza Quest Bug

    Hello Dazza, you are correct that quest fixes aren't currently top of the priority list for our dev team. They are busy individuals but that doesn't mean bugs will never be fixed so please continue to report them, don't be discouraged! As for the Etc clogging up your inventory, I'll have one of them team resolve this for you.
  8. Bug from mushkingdom

    Thank you for your report. Upon checking, you are correct that this encounter isn't functioning as it should. It will be highlighted to our admin team to investigate.
  9. Unable to open Rien

    Sorry for that. Try this one (temporary link). https://discord.gg/6VgGh7 The Maplestory file and the Rien file both run the client. The Rien file patches the game before connecting, so if you are having issues with that one, try the other.
  10. Unable to open Rien

    Hi Gerrard. If you've been trying to open the client via the Rien.exe try using the Maplestory.exe found in your Rien folder instead.
  11. POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye>

    Hi Dazza, I've tested that quest and found you need 11 spaces in your Use tab in order to gain the reward. Sorry for the trouble. You will just need to ensure you have a lot of inventory space to get around this bug until our admin team fix it.
  12. Mushroom Castle Quest

    This has since been resolved.
  13. Hi Jordan, I believe this issue has now been fixed if you wish to continue with your quest line.
  14. Game not found error

    Your anti virus or Windows Defender has likely deleted the files you need to run the game. You need to make your Rien folder an exception and try downloading again.