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  1. I think Sharkwave IS supposed to charge energy. Here is another video from an official server where the energy charges upon using Sharkwave. Currently, Thunderbreakers have to revert back to first and second job skills just to charge energy.
  2. Combo Tempest autoban bug

    Just adding on to this, it occurred the other day when I used Combo Tempest 30 on the ice weak bosses of ToTT map 2 so it's not limited to just mobs anymore.
  3. Untradable Items

    I think this is a good idea and I agree with everything said. The amount of worthless failed equipment from black crystals is too high. This would give all of those items some use. I've dropped a bunch of reverse dual blade masks with poor stats just to save inventory space. It's a shame all of those PoTs, AMC, and crystals couldn't be of use to another player. It's also rather demotivating that the nature of Maker'ing end game items offers repeated failure upon failure until you finally get lucky. Giving lower stat items some value lessens the blow a little bit. At least your mule can use them or a new player can use them etc.
  4. Monster Carnival PQ

    I realize I am roughly 47 days late to this discussion but I have stuff to add. I played Saga maybe 4-5 months ago so I don't know if this holds true now but I CPQ'd almost exclusively from 1-9x (They have custom mob versions for higher level ranges). I always found plenty of people willing to do it on that server and I don't think it was dead at all. In fact, I preferred doing it far more than the insanely boring boss pq. CPQ on Rien would become one of those must-do things like the Mushking questline. It's really good low level content and is a very nostalgic PQ for a lot of people so I don't think you should be too worried about people not using it regularly. If anything, that would happen because of our population numbers, not because of the appeal of the PQ itself. I mean the alternative is Kerning square which is a very annoying questline on 1x drop unless you're a blaze wizard or have a high levelled char's help.
  5. Adding to suggestions earlier

    Yeah, I agree. Something like this would help a lot. In a larger community it would we a lot more feasible to find players to trade ores with and find what you need in FM perhaps but with our current population and/or the state of what ores are actually useful, I feel like a lot of ores are just going unused. I know I have a ton on my blaze wizard which I've had forever. A system like this would clear inventories, make it more convenient for players to use Maker, and give purpose to unused items. Also since the trade is 25 for a 100, I'd say it's fairly balanced because getting 100 ores of any kind is a still a pretty time consuming task.