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  1. v115 Class Bossing Video Compilation

    fixed fixed and fixed! getting too ahead of myself. Btw, anyone know where i can find class updates/changes for v115 SEA? found it http://ayumilove.net/maplestory-ascension-skill-updates/
  2. Warrior: Pally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBoD8JKKurkHero https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1XZZ0Kad8c Mage: F/P Mage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEZjCycNyvY I/L Mage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kBXg08ZTnY Archer: Marksman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmZMKLHMoHU Bowmaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dD5wIA7NHa8 Thief: Dual Blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaU6a-E5obU Shadower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nGIj2olb30 Night Lord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw27djo4x5E&t=146s Resistance: Mechanic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeuF3VH5ghQ&list=LL_DDczl3LrH0DK54ObhrbtQ&t=135s&index=2 Battle Mage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOQ8cuN8Iko&t=192s Evan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5qwIQUVefo Note some Videos posted are not v 115. but is around the same time/same skills. Damage cap for all classes except for a few like BM/WH are possible but very hard to get because there is no legendary pot update in this v.
  3. This scholarship would fund me enough money to cure cancer. How? Good question. We see these in the streets of maple. Players spamming websites that will trade meso for REAL money. Or players who fly around exploiting boss glitches by freezing them.. cough. cough...... sometimes, we see these "cancers" sneak their way into the Rien staff and fund himself. Oh sorry did i say he?... oh uhm. sorry. He or She... By giving me this "scholarship" ill be able to stay three steps ahead of all these plebs who dont have $10 to spend. I wont need to skip my lunch to save money and can enjoy it peacefully; absorbing the necessary nutrients to do my job correctly. Cancer hunting. Ill need to start this by getting 3 days pre access to this new server and feel the waters for myself. Of course ill need some gear to take with me on this rough and hardship filled journey. I think ill need a new hair cut, and maybe some transparent glasses to hide any weakness that i may have trouble seeing. To hide my identity, i must buy myself some ragged shirts and pants of course dye my skin pale white and get a giant handle bar mustache. Some people question my skills and my work, but i always get the job done. So i pray, i ask, i get down on my knees to say CHOUX! bless me this small loan of a million dollars, and i can promise you, i swear with ALL MY HEART! That you will not regret this decision....#&*@ 287 words.. Uhm. I also uhm. promise that i can uhm do things that will make you proud?.. yeah thats right. In the future when a brave man named Jexxler becomes rank #1 in naut you will have the pleasure of saying, "I helped that man get to where he is now.he couldn't have done it without me." I TRULY BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART, That with a small loan, interest free for a few decades, can do whatever their heart desires. 369 words. WTF CHOUX. WHY DID YOU MAKE IT 500 words? ITS SO LONG. ok ok ok. I also swear that i uh. i will...uh.. i will...pay you back fully, with @HELLO's credit card. if it gets declined, i can promise you that my back up assistant, @Tika would be honored to pay this small humble fee of a million dollars. in fact, ill triple it! They'll pay you back 3 million dollars. Cash. Thank you, thank you very much. This is Jexxler, signing off, Cancer Cop............... 456 words. ok dude this isnt fun anymore but im so close to 500 words. wtf is this madness? a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y and z. OK thank you, i have finally written 500 of the most persuasive words ever. Each word, careful with thought. I pray you well, Jexxler. -Cancer cop.
  4. Suggestion.

    Take a look at the top 5 servers of Maplestory. You have two different kinds of versions. The updated v189+ and the nostalgia that most people remember, v62. Now what makes these P-servers popular? -Version -Development -Features - RNG factor (gatch) -Community -F2P Maple Naut: Pros: -1x (good challenge, nostalgia) -VP (vp allows for cubes/gatch/etc) -No hp washing in this version (…right?) -New kind of version - Nostalgia resistance and evan/DB class Suggestions -Reasonable prices for cubes. (5k a vote remember that. Don’t make it V2W.) -Allow for cubes to be crafted via profession skill. (using boss drops, etc) - If nx is the only way to get cubes, that’s pretty broken. - Make sure Naut has most of glitches/exploits discovered and fixed before official release. (roll-back is a no go!) - Make sure TIME is available to get a steady development of the game. You need a lot more work and dedication to this server. -No HP WASHING. - gatching should not be the only way to get scrolls. -There needs to be some kind of DAILY. An instinctive to get on. -NX items like cubes and gatch tickets should be tradeable -BECAUSE OF IMPLEMENTING GATCH AND CUBES GAINABLE BY NX YOU NEED TO LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF MULES A PLAYER CAN HAVE. (voting can be easily exploitable)
  5. Party EXP

    Just train at ludi 70-130... Ludi is almost report-able its so broken.
  6. Just questions

    1.LOL i spent 70mil on trying to get Evan hair. skem!!! 2. i mean, rien only has one sponsor atm, Chox 3. keep all ya scrolls, even the crappy ones! ( i like to use them on duds, for example use 30% scrolls on random stuff until it fails 3 times in a row, then the chance of it working should be higher) My thought process.... 4. reverse bow. its easy to make if you have time. id say, it takes like 3 hours to make? 5-7 too lazy to answer them
  7. First things first. READ THE FEATURES LIST! This gives you everything you need to know about Rien. Some key features NO HP WASHING CYNGUS KNIGHTS 140 CAP NO GATCH NO VOTE TO WIN NEW SCROLLING SYSTEM (No Chaos scrolls) Masteries for warriors, arans, and buccaneers give total +120 accuracy. AP resets are CHEAP! (NO HP WASHING BUT) if you cant hit the mobs, feel free to put some ap into dex and easily wash it out later. BIG BIG BIG LUDI BUFF! One can literally level from 70-120 here! VOTE! Enter the link https://playrien.com/vote And complete the captcha 5k NX! Repeteable every cycle, cycle resets at 12 am EST. Meso The age old question. Meh-so or May-so, How in the world do you get it? And FAST! In rien, getting meso in the first few levels from 1-55 is a struggle, but from 60+ Getting potions and meso is ez-pz. Here are a few tricks for fast and easy meso! 1.Save up some nx to get a pet and item bag Simply collect EVERYTHING THAT DROPS while you are leveling Sell everything that you dont need ( from ludi you should be able to make a few million meso just from selling the drops) Make sure to keep ores though! 4. Sell scrolls that drop from monsters to other players. 5. Party quest!! Every 100 PQ coin you can get a PQ box. Some big money items are: Cape for att scrolls White Scroll Face mask Eye accessory Currently, there are NO Facestompers or stormcaster gloves TIP: PPQ is the best place to farm coins, Also, each clear of dojo gives a pqbox, and you can receive 5 pq boxes a day this way out of 6 runs total. -(people usually do the 6th run if they want the badge or more dojo points for belts/rings) Scroll Exchange System! Read the following: In general, for every 200 of the SAME etc item, (keep in mind that some etc items do not work) You can exchange it for a random scroll. (If you're lucky enough, you might get a super rare white scroll!) Also, keep in mind the Continent Inclinations! Such as, Temple of Time which is Inclined towards 30% scrolls. We also have Top and Bot scrolls for every stat except INT FINALLY, USE THE @help COMMAND! Some useful commands are: @whodrops <item name/keyword(s)> @bosshp @dropshere Shows all the mob names and ids in the map, along with their drops. Does not show exp/hp of mob @whatdropsfrom <mob name> Shows EVERYTHING about the mob including exp/hp/drops Keep in mind, because this server is 3x, multiply the exp shown from @whatdropsfrom <mob name> @dispose If you're stuck, cant go through a portal, cant talk to a npc
  8. Maker Skill

    MAKER SKILL! What is it? Why would you need it? End game gear Dismantling etc for monster crystals Create items for your CLASS ONLY Three total maker skill lvls How to get it Credit goes to Alalme, (http://www.basilmarket.com/Alalme-s-Guide-to-the-Maker-Skill-Thread-bnWWz-1) For Lvl 1 Maker skill: Talk to NPC Moren, found in the Weapons and Armour shop of Magatia. When you go to see Moren, he will give you three quests you must complete: Go see NPC Hughes the Fuse who can be found in the hidden room, entered through B2 in Orbis Tower. Hughes will proceed to teach you a lesson, I advise you pay attention. Go see NPC Carson, the Alchemist. Carson can be found in the Zenumist Society building. Again, Carson will proceed to bore you with text. Again, I advise you pay attention. Go back to NPC Moren, and listen to his lesson. Once again, pay attention! Once you have completed all three lessons, talk to NPC Moren again, and he will proceed to quiz you on the lessons.Congratulations, you now have the maker skill! For Lvl 2 Maker skill: 1.You must be level 75 to acquire Maker Skill Level 2. 2.Head back to the Magatia Weapons and Armour shop, and talk to NPC Moren. You will receive a quest to create an intermediate monster crystal 1. 3.Gather up 100 etc drops from a monster level 71~80, and create your monster crystal. It is reccomended to use Homunculus & Site drops, as they can be found right there in Magaita Talk to NPC Moren, finish the quest, and go show off your level 2 maker skill. For Lvl 3 Maker skill:Level 3:1. You must be level 105 to acquire Maker Skill Level 32.To get level 3, head back to the Magatia Weapons and Armour shop, and talk to NPC Moren. Moren will treat you to yet another long, drawn out conversation you really don't care about. Once he's finished, talk to him again and acquire Doodly Paper. Next, open up your maker skill window, and do the following: Select etc. from the first drop down menu Select etc. from the second drop down menu. Combine 6 gold plates, 2 steel plates, 1 Lidium, and the doodly paper. Receive Gold Anvil. Talk to NPC Moren. Moren will give you the Maker Skill level 3. You can now socket 3 gems, make every item (assuming your level is high enough) and make reverse and timeless equips! Little Tip! For Black Crystal Ore, and Diamonds, the best way to farm them fast, Is to go to Hidden Street: Iron Boar Land place Tip: Two mages 120+ (any Lvl ultimate) on both right/left side on the stairs kills the boars extremely fast. (about 12 ores in 15 minutes) The gems are as follows: (Gem, Statistic, Bonus [basic, intermediate, advanced] conditions)Diamond, + Weapon Attack (1, 2, 3) Useable on Weapons only.Sapphire, + Magic Attack (1, 2, 3) Useable on Weapons only.Garnet, + Accuracy, (2, 3, 5) Opal, + Avoid, (2, 3, 5)Aquamarine, + Jump, (1, 2, 3)Amethyst, + Speed, (1, 2, 3)Topaz, + HP, (10, 20, 30)Emerald, + MP, (10, 20, 30)Black Crystal, +/- Random, (1, 2, 3) (Atk, M. Atk, Speed, or Jump)Dark Crystal, +/- Random, (2, 3, 5) (Str, Dex, Int, Luk, Accuracy, or Avoid)Power Crystal, + STR, (2, 3, 5)Dex Crystal, + DEX, (2, 3, 5)Wisdom Crystal, + INT, (2, 3, 5)Luk Crystal, + LUK, (2, 3, 5)Secret Crystal, - Level Requirement (1, 2, 3) Currently not available.
  9. Leeching Guide

    This is the fastest way to leech mules from 1-120+ Requirements: 120+ Mage with about 1k M. att~ Less if F/P or Blaze Wiz. Lvl 81 HS Priest mule (81 is the soonest you can get max HS. You dont want to lvl your priest more, or he will count as a thrid person and take away exp. at higher lvls.) 3 Accounts. (You need three accounts the two being lvl 81. and Your mage lvl XXX.) It is recommended to make a F/P or a I/L so that in the future, you can farm for amc2/amc3 which are needed for end game gear. F/P for AMC2 I/L for AMC3 & AMC2 when ulu comes out NOTICE: Because of the AFK feature, the character you are lvling must attack every minute or you will get a exp penalty. I like to use this feature http://www.online-stopwatch.com/loop-countdown/ (Because of the exp share system, the mule must be FIVE Lvls below or higher than the monster you are killing.) (you can follow this guide if you are funded without the requirements above.) Lvl 1-10: Vic Island Lvl 10-15: Job quest from instructor (lvl 8 if mage) Lvl 15-22: Stirge Lvl 22-30: Sleepywood quest line Accept these two quests and complete all quests the Rememberer gives you DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom> DANGER! <3-Z. Mushroom> Lvl 30-36: Ludibrium: Sky Terrace <3> Lvl 36-41: Platoon Chronos Lvl 41-45: Master Chronos Lvl 45-55: EPQ Lvl 55-62: PPQ Lvl 62-71: Soul Teddy Lvl 71-80: Klocks Lvl 80-94: Death Teddy Lvl 94-120: Grim Phantom watch Lvl 120+: Tots/Bossing Notice: Use at your own risk, although using this method can get you from 1-120 in five days~, it can ruin the leveling experience.