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  1. [Skill] Open Portal: GX-9

    when opening a third portal using mechanic's portal skill, it says "The Portal that was installed earlier has disappeared" but the portal spawned later disappears instead
  2. pretty sure they're only supposed to get 5 upon 1st job
  3. wind archer skill bugs

    in rien you can't use pots in wind walk though
  4. 1. Pressing attack does not cancel Citizen's Infiltration 2. Mechanic's Prototype buffs aren't applied (like att +20, speed +20) [EDIT: oops, saw wrongly, all the other buffs are added except speed +20] 3. Mechanic's Flamethrower animation bugs out when you use it for the first few seconds (attacking is still fine tho) 4. Golems are level 20ish yet drop lvl 48, 50 and 60 equips (not sure if it's supposed to happen) [EDIT: maladies are lvl 30 and do the same too] 5. Edelstein General and Weapon / Armour stores don't work 6. Some items in Henesys (like the haystacks) use the sprites from after the Henesys revamp instead of the ones from pre bb 7. There's a delay when holding down potion and item pick up key (picking up things and recovering hp & mp becomes really slow) 8. Exiting free market to henesys market and going to henesys sometimes crashes the game with code 38: reached end of file, similar to rien 9. Entering Zipangu in Henesys then exiting brings you to Perion
  5. hihi am gonna try this because why not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ign: yumisall
  6. Curious about the new server but unsure if you wanna jump on-board? Getting hyped and ready for anchors aweigh? Or do you just want some FREE LP?!?!?! I'm giving away 1 Bronze Founder's Pack for Nautilus. Write me a 1-page 500 word double spaced size 12 Times New Roman essay with Chicago style headers and 1" margins on why you think you would be the best choice for this scholarship. ... or just post beneath and you'll be entered in a raffle. Essays get 2 extra though. Raffle will be done TBA.