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  1. HEYGUYSXARIHEREAGAINWITHANOTHERRIENMAPLESTORYUPDATE!! Last I tuned in was the outline for our work in the coming months. I want to do an update for ya'll so you know how far we've gotten in that time towards our goals. (Big sorry Xari about Christmas event ). Last we had for weddings was being able to go through the entire thing and getting married, but a lot of features were missing, such as. Wedding gifts Not getting wedding rings Mini-map positioning Ring effects Spouse chat We've knocked a few from this list. This is an example of spousal chat working in-game. Excuse the language :O. Another thing we got working is the mini-map positioning + world map positioning and character heart being full on a character. And lastly, wedding rings are now given out and contain engravings! TODO: Wedding gifts and ring effects That's the update to keep you guys updated .
  2. Character bugged

    I can help you! I haven't seen this issue before. Do I have permission to clear your cash inventory?
  3. Looking for Friends!

    An incredibly warm welcome from me! Every new face is welcome here.
  4. Hey guys, here with a little end of week update to shed some light and be more transparent on our planned updates and upcoming features. Christmas Event For those of you who have been with us, you should know that we're planning a hefty Christmas event that can live up to your guys' expectations. What exactly is part of the rewards scheme is honestly yet to be known! But thanks to @Choux's fantastic and very detailed thread, we may be borrowing heavily from hers/his! The Christmas event will be account-locked and only participating characters of level 30 or higher can take part in this fantastic and fun-filled event we have in store! ETA: Before the 20th of December. Weddings I know we've been teasing Weddings and Amoria PQ since literally this past summer, though for you old players you all know that the development team hit quit a stall as we became drastically busy with our lives. To further clarify for those who don't actually know the concise details: Right after finals for me, I pushed out Horntail quickly as my last redemption, and quickly disappeared into the night, followed by 3 months of tiresome internship work that left me drained at night's beginning. Phantom, who likewise was put under a similar situation as I was, however was able to work on huge things such as mob rework, mob range for skills, and a rewrite of just how the mob system worked. Tyler, who, congratulations, got married and had to become a dutiful spouse or suffer the consequences (one of which who knows could be the shutdown of Rien due to very angry waifu). Now that that's out of the way for those of you who don't actually know what happened, I'm back and ready to work! The following link is to a thread that displays the progress I had finished on Weddings [Click Me!] Wedding Info. The tl;dr version: Basically finished the engagement process up to the wedding. What's been completed since then? Well, I started working on Weddings again and got this pretty much working (differentiates between premium and regular cathedral wedding as well). Wedding instance (getting married and being logged works). Wedding rings, etc. What's next? There are a few little neat features I still have to crank out with weddings. The one that has been stalling me the most is Wedding Gifts, from which a UI comes up and guests can complete the bride and groom wishlists or give items of their own. The reason this has stalled me for so long is because we're missing the packets for it and we can't seem to get them. So instead of stalling weddings forever on this, I decided to do my own implementation of wedding gifts. Therefore, the outline is thus. Implement custom wedding gift handling Groom + Bride retrieval of gifts from Moony or whomever after finishing wedding Group picture at wedding cake to maybe be uploaded to playrien.com Chapel wedding ETA: Late December to mid-January Amoria PQ The long awaited content of AmoriaPQ! Oh how stubborn we have been in holding this off for completed weddings. After I finish work on weddings I can get straight to work on AmoriaPQ, which @Twdtwd has been telling me is actually quite easy to implement, so be excited for all those Onyx Apples you future couples (or poor souls that marry themselves on mules *cough cough @HELLO*. ETA: Late December to mid-January World Boss This is actually a brain-child of mine that I got from a mobile game I play called Summoners War. For those of you who don't know the details of the world boss, refer to this thread: [Click Me!] World Boss Information This is supposed to supplement the incoming scrolls because we plan on having a whole shop dedicated to the World Boss where players can spend points for guaranteed rewards or even get boxes that can give you random content! This is a bit far in the works since I actually have to find someone who can create some custom sprite art for the World Boss parts that can fight interim v. the player. World Boss is a bit low on priority since there are many bugs and issues I have to fix. ETA: Unknown (perhaps February-March) Post Words I want to let everyone know that our ETAs are goals that the staff sets with hopes to driving our motivation to completing the tasks set on time (particularly me since these are issues assigned to myself). Also know that these can be pushed back due to the requirement of extensive testing to ensure that the content is pushed out with as little bugs as possible (remember though, we can't squash them all! Tespia users can tell you how they feel that they've tested it so thoroughly, only to find bugs immediately once content goes live). To the future! Xari
  5. Snipe shows some huge damage number

    Will give a look.
  6. That doesn't sound too bad. At first glance one might think, aw man low level players getting these good scrolls fast. But scaling with population size means more people need those scrolls, so we need those scrolls coming in from all sorts of gameplay.
  7. @GriZ @HELLO We can discuss here. Where would we place these new scrolls?
  8. Thanks for this. I'll give it a look but I'll admit it's pushed down on the priority list as we try to change how inventory is saved to prevent issues in the future.
  9. A Warm Thank You

    I just want to be transparent with people since there is a lot going behind the scenes but not necessarily all will hear about it by word of mouth, but we are working very much so on the game. Active development has been ongoing and we've been pushing out many patches. I sent out a developer update recently, but I want to clarify that the consistency of our work is constant and would like to notify all of our players and future players that our intent to continue working on Rien has not dwindled (for example, boss cooldowns, mob ranges, quest reward fixes). I have high hopes for the server, even if many have felt otherwise. My resolve is the same as it was when we first launched. I'm glad for those of you who still play. For those who have been with us since the beginning I would like to extend an extremely heartfelt thank you for having toughed it out with us through every single rough corner, and that at many times you may have felt that you were in the dark but kept pushing onward. You players make me extremely warm and happy to know that someone out there has been touched with what our goals are for Rien. We've always strived to provide free to play gameplay with integrity and an honesty that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Regardless of what we've undergone in the past, or how we may be seen today, I'd still like to extend this notice to everyone who has taken their time to read through it. A very happy thank you to you all for playing Rien, even if you have quit. Your experiences here on the server will never be forgotten, and it's only with you that we are able to do what we have been doing this year. To our planned Christmas event and updates to come. Love you all, <3 Xari
  10. Xari here! Just a little sneak peek of what I've been working on. So nothing content-wise since I feel like we've got quite a bit of content now regarding the recent changes. I'm currently focused on revamping how inventory is saved. This will ensure that there will no be rollback duping no matter what happens. A more in-depth look into how this process works is by observing how saving is actually done conventionally for most OdinMS style servers. Convention Saving is localized to the player. Key actions will save the player entirely, such as logging out, entering cash shop, interacting with hired merchants with buying/selling, etc. Inventories disappear on logout and are loaded back in upon login. Pros: Constant saving for actions give illusion that player's progress is consistently updated database side. Cons: Constant saving to database for each player is expensive. This grows rapidly the larger the player count. Constant saving to database does not necessarily guarantee safety. In fact, large number of requests to save can throttle and sometimes be harmful to the server. This can be seen on server shutdown with > 80 players online, leading to rollbacks. New System Inventories are cached onto the server and do not disappear on logout. Upon logging in for the first time it will be loaded into memory. On any subsequent logins the player will be assigned their previous inventory. Saving is done every 10 minutes. To qualify for saving, you must have not done anything that changes your inventory for the last 10 minutes. Upon being saved, you will be removed from the cache so you don't lag up the server with useless saving. When you change your inventory again, you will be added back for saving. Pros: Extremely fast save optimizations along with single call to database for saving large number of characters at once. Instant login time once you've logged in once during the time-frame your inventory is cached. Prevents rollback duping at a 100% efficiency since inventory is cached server-side. Cons: In the absolute worst case scenario the server crashes and a person who hasn't afk'd for at least 10 minutes to save once during that time-frame rolls-back to where they were originally. This means not having used the restroom, eaten, or done something that has removed you from your computer for at least 10 minutes. That's what I have in store at the moment. This is a big work in progress, so bear with me!
  11. Help to Keep server alive

    There's a lot in this post that has been discussed over the times. It's a bit more complicated than that, but we are still trying to find ways to make this situation better. But we do only want to grow after our big issues are ironed away.
  12. Quest Bug: Reef's Gratitude

    If you can find me a video of his dialogue I can write it in.
  13. Quest Bug: Carta the Sea Witch

    I was able to completely finish this quest on my end. Maybe after the server restart the update I pushed will have it.
  14. Puppet