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  1. I'm not sure how easy it would be to add this or if it's do able without making more issues, but right the best way to spent A cash on a pickup bot I mean pet is to get a pink yeti and never look back It be nice to pick at pet based on looks and not what skills it has
  2. Bug type: Stat Decrease on Trade guns player to player Summary: I trade my Burning Hell to a Player at the attack value of 63 when the trade was done he got an attack value of 55, We then Try it with 3 weapons and 2 armor parts No Decrease at all, He said he was given 2 80+guns that had higher attack values and now are also at the lowest value Bug Description: Weapon Trade player to player Force the gun to lowest attack value Reproduction Steps: Trade High Attack Value Gun weapons and see them become Lower end Screenshots & Video: N/A Character Name & Class: StrunzyMech/ Mech Trade to Tuxx who also a mech Date and Time: 9:10PM EST 1/16/2018
  3. Nautilus Bugs

    Its The Same Here, but the Taxi Won't show up for me, and when I try to go to town my game Crashes like 50% of the time Just for that town only
  4. Bug type: Skill Summary: Flame Wizard 1st job, Flame Summon Doesn't Attack Targets Bug Description: Flame Summon Is to attack Mobs that have hit you Currently Flame Spirit does noting Reproduction Steps: Got Slap around a lot with Golems and Horny mushrooms to see if anything would happen Character Name & Class: Strunzy Flame, Flame Wizard Date and Time: All Day From 1PM to 4PM EST / January 15th
  5. ludibrium bugs

    To add to this If you Travel by Wooden plane from orbis to Ludibrium the Time will stay on 00:00 Till you log out
  6. Tom Tom shop links to an maplecoin? shop for cube https://imgur.com/a/aTuWe
  7. https://ibb.co/ifjQz6, not sure if that hyper link will work giving I use Imgbb, but anyhow I have the panda out and ive try dragging and double clicking the pet item to panda and it wont equip It say "you do not own a pet that can equip this item"
  8. Cheeky will not allow for you to move on to talk He does allow for the deny button but the accept button just Close the Window Out
  9. [ITEM] Blossom Juice crash

    It also Crash if You try to Sell it
  10. Scrolls do not fail

    Yea I used 3 30% overall Scroll for str (just to see) none of them failed
  11. What Class Will You Be Playing?

    if I make an level 200 KOC I cant play anything else?! its not like the UA quest line just remove it self totally lol, I feel like you took that as a Personal attack mate it wasn't. also as for "main classes" for me it be Aran or Battle mage Just saying the we will have the ability to have level 200 KOCs lol
  12. What Class Will You Be Playing?

    We got 200 Level Cygnus knights here mate
  13. What class will YOU be playing?

    For Beta I'll be doing Mech or Wild Hunter..... but for Main game Ill be Blaze wizard (if I can get my KoC tiro friends going) or Battlemage
  14. v115 Class Bossing Video Compilation

    Jex any Aran 115v videos you could find? (the battlemage/shad got me hyped)
  15. Decide my class for me

    >.> NightLORD =3