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  1. Stuck character

    now is normal Close Topic @@
  2. Stuck character

    Bug type: Bug map Bug Description: Disconnect when i go in map "kerning city subway. Along the railway", and map summon Stirge. Now my character is stucking in map Reproduction Steps: go in map and nothing happen until map summon Stirge and make me disconnect Character Name & Class: DShadowVN, rogue(dual blade) Date and Time: 9h30 PM, 1/15/2018
  3. Can't log in

    i fixed by run Microsft visual c++ 2015 :)) Close topic
  4. Can't log in

    I open game but can't choose servers Ares or Artemis, have title "Trouble logging into game. Kindly refer to maplestory.asiasoftsea.net" when choose server Ares, and disconnect when choose servers Artemis. I try open normal and "run as administrator" with maplestory.exe and nautilus.exe, and reinstall some times but still error. My ID from Vietnamese, and what i need do to fix it?