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  1. Mystic Door

    Bug type: Skill error Summary: Priest Skill "Mystic Door" does not function properly Bug Description: So many, many problems. It randomly causes the game to crash, spawns the character in weird places after going through the door (sometimes off the map entirely, forcing you to relog or CC to respawn), and never spawns the character in front of the door. THe door itself can spawn away from where the skill was cast, sometimes off the map/ After it expires, it will disappear in town, but not in the map it was used, leaving a one-way portal to town for the character who created the door. It doesn't work for party members after expiring. Reproduction Steps: Use Mystic Door. Watch what happens. Screenshots & Video: Character Name & Class: Moonbeams, level 102 Priest Date and Time: 1/20/18 2:59 PM EST
  2. Bugs with Heal

    Bug type: Skill error Summary: Cleric skill "Heal" does not consistently resty party members' HP. Bug Description: When it works, the amount of HP restored is minimal. Heal's HP restoration is tied to magic and divided across party members, but it still seems abnormally low. Sometimes it doesn't restore party members' HP at all. It always restores my own HP fully though. Reproduction Steps: Have a cleric use Heal on party members and watch what happens. The effects seem a little random so it might take some time until you see the buggy things. Screenshots & Video: Wish I knew how to use video making software.... Character Name & Class: Moonbeams, level 100 Priest Date and Time: January 19 2018 11:19 PM EST
  3. Bless does not stack with other buffs.

    Bless and Advanced Blessing never stacked with each other, but they should both stack with non-Bless buffs, which they don’t in Nautilus.
  4. Bless does not stack with other buffs.

    This is exactly the same as the game text. In GMD during this era I also specifically remember both Bless and Advanced Blessing being stackable.
  5. Bug type: Skill error (buff stacking) Summary: Cleric skill "Bless" does not stack with other buffs. Bug Description: Bless is supposed to stack with other buffs on party members but it doesn't. Reproduction Steps: Use any buff that increases Attack, Magic, defense or magic defense, then cast Bless or have it cast on you. Can also be repduced the other way around. Screenshots & Video: N/A Character Name & Class: Moonbeams level 77 Priest Date and Time: 1/18/2018 6:20 PM EST
  6. Bug type: Game client crash Summary: Game crashes when using the droplist command on certain maps in Kerning Square Bug Description: Se above, This first happened to me on the first map with the mannequins/ Reproduction Steps: Go to the first map on the 4th floor of Kerning Square and use @droplist Screenshots & Video: Didn't take one Character Name & Class: M Moonbeams, level 37 Cleric Date and Time: 1/16/2018 11:40 AM EST
  7. - Permanent Hired Merchants. These are a staple of most private servers to promote trading. Especially with a smaller server where not having dHal clienting is being considered, having a mule or something even a main running a store limits your ability to play the be game. These could either be provided automatically to characters upon reaching a certain level or they could be perchasable from the Cash Shop for a modest price. The non-permanent hired merchants cost tremendous amounts of a-cash and even in GMS were only feasible for players who merched regularly and / or were willing to spend a good deal of real money for the convenience - Warp to FM button. Also found on many servers this is also a matter of convenience for players to meet each other in a small server. I know one concern about this on some servers is abusing this for buffs, however if this is a concern buffing skills could be disabled. Regardless I think the pros of an Fam button far outweigh the cons.
  8. Archer's Power b. Fore does not work

    The mage Power B. Fore also doesn’t work. You can’t speak to him at all.
  9. After playing the game for about an hour and checking out the cash shop I would like to make a few suggestions to improve it. If any of these are already underway that’s great! - Permanant NX for cosmetics (clothing, visual effects, facial expressions, etc. ) - This seems to be a standard feature of larger private servers and an option that many players have come to expect. Whether all comstetic NX items are permanent or this is restricted to buying with Lumiere Points (donations) having at least the option to purchase permanent NX is crucial. - Match prices to those in GMS. There’s going to be some exceptions since as s private server things are balanced differently, but for cosmetic items eat least, these should be the same as in GMS to prevent an incentive to multivote. - Make pet skills universal or to match GMS in both effect and price. These cost waaaaaay too much, especially with limited A-Cash given that voting rewards are disabled. What is availbe in the Cash Shoo is confusing. I ended up purchasing a skill my pet couldn’t equip, and there was no prompt or warning about this. I’m sure I won’t be the only person this has happened to. The prices are also very high and should be reduced as well.
  10. I purchased a pet (Skunk) in the Cash Shop with my A-Cash. I also purchased a skill to it to loot items and mesos, but it seems I purchased the wrong one. For now, I am requesting to have this still removed from my inventory (on the character Moonbeams) and my A-Cash refunded so I can get the correct skill. Unfortunately it's kind of unclear and not like GMS (they're also rather expensive and you might want to lower the prince), making it confusing to know what skills go with what pet. For a future update I would strongly suggest making pet loots more GMS-like.
  11. ♥ The Eclipse Guild ♥ (Beta)

    I’m in. I’ll be glad to handle bossing for the guild at least during beta. I have experience organizing bossing during this era of maple and I’m totally for social events too!
  12. What class will YOU be playing?

    With Nautilus' beta launch only days away, a lot of us have been putting thoughts into choosing the class for our first character. Do you plan to play the same class in beta that you will upon official release? Are you playing an old favorite or trying something new? Let us know here! Personally I'm going to be maining Bishop, just as I did in GMS. This has always been my favorite class because I like playing the healing and support role, and the damage really isn't half bad.
  13. "Res Me Plox" - A Guide to Bishops By Moonbeams Please do not repost this guide without permission. You are more than welcome to link to it on your personal website, blog, etc. Hi there! Welcome to my first guide for Nautilus! I'm Moonbeams (hopefully will be my IGN as well), and I'm going to talk about my favorite class, the Bishop! I will be writing largely from my experience playing on GMS in 2011-2012. This guide is aimed primarily at players transitioning from a pre-Big Bang server but will be very helpful to both new and veteran players who are considering making a Bishop. This guide is a WIP, and things in Nautilus may vary somewhat, especially in beta, which will be reflected in this guide as time goes on. What is a Bishop? Funnily enough, this is a question many folks might be asking in the post-Big Bang world. While not as rare as Paladins and Marksmen were pre-BB, the number of active Bishops declined significantly, the main reason for which will be discussed later in this guide. The Ascension-era Bishop is first and foremost a support class. That's not to say we can't dish out lots of damage (we can hit really hard actually!), but in a party our main role is keeping our allies buffed, healthy, and alive. To this end, Bishops are endowed with a collection of healing and supportive skills that make them invaluable in boss fights, especially high level and endgame bosses. Should I play a Bishop? Bishops play differently from any other class in Maplestory. While some players such as myself enjoy this playstyle, it's not for everyone. If you like to help others, play in groups, support your party and hit for decent damage, this class is for you! If you like to hit high numbers and deal lots of damage quickly, you should choose another class. Let's go over some of the pros and cons of Bishops. Pros - Good mobbing skills at all job levels. - Mobile, just like any other mage. Teleport lets us traverse maps quickly, and Teleport Mastery lets us lure monsters so we can mob them. We'll save some mesos early on since we don't need to get a mount right away. With Teleport we're actually faster than those hogs! I'd still suggest getting your Silver Mane at some point, if only for the bragging rights of Red Draco once you're level 200. - Highly desirable in parties. You'll never have trouble finding a group in LHC (everyone loves Holy Symbol!), and you'll be welcomed into bossing groups regardless of your range, since you'll be playing support. Bishops are an absolute necessity for bosses with potion cooldowns, such as Empress and Von Leon. We also have lot of useful buffs, from Advanced Blessing (boosts party attack / magic attack and stacks with other buffs!) to Holy Magic Shell - Relatively simple to level. We don't have a huge suite of attacks for different situations like some other jobs. Most of our training will be done via spamming Heal, Shining Ray, and Angel Ray in 2nd, 3rd and 4th jobs respectively. - Can be cheap, depending on equipment choices. Having Heal means we don't need to buy HP potions, and MP Eater will save on MP at low levels, if you are not using Magic Guard while training (more on this later). When it comes to bossing you shouldn't be asked for your range, since you're not going to be attacking anyway unless it's a solo / duo. If you want to be an "Ultimate Battle Bishop" you can choose to go for powerful gear. Note that this will cost significantly more. - Good survivability. Between Invincible, Magic Guard, and our really high MP pool, Bishops are a fairly durable class. Just make sure to keep an eye on your buffs and watch out for dispel! Oh, and trying to take touch damage from endgame bosses probably isn't a good idea. - No need to HP wash. Not that you'd gain much extra HP anyway, being a Magician and all. Some Bishops choose to MP Wash (not covered in this guide) to gain additional MP to make themselves even bulkier, but I personally don't find this necessary. Post-Big Bang MP was increased dramatically, and you have so much of it to begin with. No amount of washing will protect you from the more dangerous bosses anyway. Cons - Low DPM. While we do have some powerful attacks, they are slow and don't make as many hits as other classes. If you want to be able to solo bosses, you will need to spend a lot of money on equipment, which leads me to... - Can be expensive. We share all of our equipment with Battle Mages and Fire / Poison Mages, two powerful and popular classes with higher-end DPM. Especially if you go Lukless (recommended by the endgame) and / or want powerful equipment with good potentials, be prepared to use tons and tons of Miracle Cubes and / or shell out huge sums of mesos. This is less of an issue if you are strictly a party Bishop, but getting gear to solo bosses (and hit hard at LHC) will require a big investment. Using Magic Guard (required for LHC and bosses) also consumes MP potions fast! - Lack of a rushing skill. While we do have a good arsenal of spells that can hit multiple monsters, and can lure with Teleport Mastery, we can't push mobs into tight groups or pin mobile bosses. You're going to need to rely on a Warrior or Dual Blade for that. - Lack of stance. Infinity does temporarily grant a stance effect, but it has a lengthy cooldown. There's also more important skills to master first. Expect to get thrown around. A lot. Always keep an eye on your character and use the minimap. -Mastering all of our skills does take some practice. We're not just standing there spamming Intrepid Slash / Triple Throw / Phantom Blow / whatever in a boss fight. We need to keep an eye on our party at all times (USE THE MINIMAP!) and watch out for status effects and dispels. There's a big difference between a good Bishop and a lazy one. You need to be reactive. I'll talk more about bossing later in the guide. I can't just spam Genesis morning, noon and night? I'm outta here! I might as well address this elephant in the room before going into depth about playing a Bishop. Anyone who played Maplestory before the Big Bang, or has played a v62 / v83 server will know just how overpopulated they were with Bishops. Pre-Big Bang, Bishop was without a doubt the easiest class to level and make money with, be it selling leech and/or farming mesos, Chaos Scrolls, etc. With the Big Bang, our map-clearing skill, the mighty Genesis was changed so that it had a 30 second cooldown, putting an end to this easy grinding method. To compensate, Angel Ray was revamped into a very strong attack that hit multiple monsters, and was boosted further in Ascension. However losing Genesis was the dealbreaker for many bishops, inciting them to quit or play other classes. Let me get this straight: Bishop damage, while nowhere near the fastest in the game is still steady and powerful. On GMS I have soloed Zakum, Chaos Zakum and Horntail with a (well-funded and well-equipped) Bishop, and completed Chaos Horntail and Empress (up to the knights) with a small group where I was attacking as well as playing support. In fact, I think I enjoyed playing a Bishop post-Big Bang even more than before it. Selling leech and farming made me rich quick, but it got boring! Not only that, but with far fewer Bishops around, we stand out more and are appreciated for our support. Post-Big Bang bishops weren't as rare as Pre-Big Bang Marksmen or Paladins, but they were far from the most common class, and I expect this trend to continue in Nautilus. Are you still with me after that? If you are, then you might have what it takes to be a great Bishop! Let's get started! Character Creation LUK or LUKless? The answer to this is going to depend largely on how much you want to invest into your bishop and if you want to do anything solo. I've said this a million times already (and I'll probably say it again), but offense isn't the Bishop's primary role in any party, though this is especially true for bossing. When it comes to grinding at LHC, many groups will be fine with you just leeching, since with HS your mere presence gives them more EXP, but you'll be more of a team player (and get more EXP!) if you contribute to the fighting, and the more damage you can do, the better. That said, most of the standard mage equipment available requires LUK in order to equip. The simplest way to achieve this is simply by adding LUK with AP when you level up. However, LUK contributes in no way to our damage, and the amount of avoidability a mage's LUK gives is negligible. LUKless equipment does exist, but much of it is exclusive to events or Gachapon, and will be extremely difficult to obtain on a newly-launched server. INT is not just the only stat taken into account when calculating magic attack, it also increases how much max MP you gain upon leveling. With this in mind, you should get as much LUK as possible from equipment (Easy to do post BB with how much common equipment that enhances all stats is available), and only add as much AP to LUK as you need to equip weapons for your current level. I would also suggest capping your base LUK at 75 or less. On a brand new server, gearing up is going to be a bit of a challenge, so don't despair if you're not able to equip your desired endgame weapon yet. As more players join and more items are found / crafted, you'll be able to get more LUK from equips. As you do, you can begin using AP resets to move some of your LUK back into INT if you have more than you need to equip your desired weapon. Your goal should be as close to minimum LUK as possible, if not totally LUKless. Ultimate Adventurer or not? Bishops are an Explorer / Adventurer class, meaning we there are two options when it comes to creating one. You can simply create an Explorer from the character selection screen and start on Maple Island, or you can make an Ultimate Explorer. The second option involves leveling a Knight of Cygnus (the class doesn't matter) to 120 and then completing a long quest which I will not cover in this guide. The whole process is very time consuming. The payoff of this is you'll get to start as a level 50 Cleric with a passive skill called Blessing of Empress that gives +24 to Weapon Attack and Magic Attack (Can also be obtained as a regular Explorer but takes longer), as well as access to the Blaze Wizard's skill, Flame Gear, and a special sill that lets you wear equipment 10 levels early. I don't find this particularly useful when it comes to playing a Bishop. Flame Gear can help with training early on, but by 4th job you won't be using it at all. Blessing of Empress is a nice boost, but improving your range post-Big Bang is so easy and again, damage isn't the most important thing when it comes to Bishops and bossing. Going the UA route is something to consider if you want to solo bosses quicker, but it is by no means a necessity for Bishops. If you do decide to do it, you can go ahead and skip to the Second Job section. For the rest of us, let's get ready to head to Maple Island! First Job Maple Island After you've created your character you'll be plopped onto Maple Island. Your AP will be added automatically and will be reset upon making your first job advancement. The stat requirements for the first job advancement are gone, so don't worry about that. Post-BB Maple Island will go pretty quick. Just do the quests, get your Relaxer chair, and you'll be level 8 in no time. The Beginner skills don't really matter as they'll all be replaced as soon as you advance. Three Snails is probably the most useful (and no longer requires snail shells in your inventory to cast), while Nimble Feet and Recovery are a matter of personal preference .By the time you're level 30 you'll never use either again, and neither are that helpful. When you arrive arrive in Lith Harbor you'll be prompted to choose your job. Make your way to Ellinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. Congratulations, you're now a Magician! Skills Magic Guard - Replaces a portion of your damage taken with lost MP. This will be one of our most important skills later on. We'll need to max it, but low-level mobs don't hit hard enough to make it worthwhile immediately. Magic Armor - The defense boost from this is going to be negligible by the midgame. Still, you'll get more mileage out of it than Energy Bolt. Energy Bolt - This isn't so hot compared to Magic Claw. You need to put 1 SP into here to unlock Magic Claw, but otherwise don't bother. You'll put a few SP in this at the end once your other skills are maxed. Magic Claw - A massive improvement from its pre-BB version, this skill now hits up to 3 monsters! This will be your main attacking skill in the first job (and to a lesser extend second job against non-undead monsters). Max this ASAP. MP Boost - This is the Big Bang counterpart to the old "Improving Max MP increase" skill, however it increases your MP by a set percentage instead of each time you level. That means you don't have to scramble to max it first thing. Here is my suggested skill progression for the first job: +1 Energy Bolt +20 Magic Claw (Max) +10 MP Boost (Max) +15 Magic Guard (Max) +15 Magic Armor (Max) +6 Energy Bolt Training Level 8-13/14 - Job quests, Slimes (one map north of Ellinia) Level 13-20 - Blue Ribbon Pigs (To the right of Nautilus Harbor) Level 20-30 - Ligators, Crocos, Muddy Swamp Monsters (Kerning swamp, watch out for Dyle), Kerning Party Quest (First Time Together) Level 25-30 - (Subway Party Quest) Second Job Advancement Once you have reached level 30, go back to Ellinia and talk to Grendel the Really Old. He will complement you on your training, and ask if you take a test to make the next advancement. He will tell you to find the Magician job instructor, who is located several maps north of Ellinia. Just keep going north and you can't miss him. Talk to him and he'll send you to a special map. You'll have to fight the monsters there and obtain 30 Dark Marbles. Once you have done so, talk to the NPC there to leave the map. Go back to Ellinia, and talk to Grendel the Really Old again. Choose the third option "Cleric." Congratulations, you're now a Cleric! Skills MP Eater - This skill will save a lot of money on potions. Definitely max this, but you don't need to do it right away. Teleport - Our main movement skill that you'll quickly become addicted to. Only those thieves with Flash Jump can outspeed us on foot! Be mindful that it costs a lot of MP to use at low levels, but the cost goes down as you put SP into it. Heal - Our signature skill. It restores your party's HP as well as damages undead mobs. This is going to be our main attack throughout the second job and some of the third, but will remain important as long as you play your Bishop. Max this ASAP Invincible - Reduces physical damage. Useful in the long run but at this point in the game the mobs still aren't doing that much damage. You'll need to get it to level 5 before you can work on Bless, though. Bless - The first of many party buffs we'll learn, and a really useful one at that! Most importantly it raises our party's (and our own) Attack and Magic Attack (and a few other things), and stacks with other buffs! (Except our fourth job Advanced Blessing which is an improved version of this skill.) Once you have this to a decent level your desirability for parties (especially party quests) will skyrocket. Holy Arrow - It might hit monsters that Heal can't, but it's really a meh skill. It does to more damage than Magic Claw, but you'll get a much stronger attack as soon as you advance to 3rd job. You'll have 1 SP left over after you max all your other skills, so it's either this or Energy Bolt. It can come in handy against non-undead monsters. Spell Mastery - Unlike magic pre-Big Bang, Magicians now have their own mastery skill that applies to all of our spells! No more will you be doing unstable damage because one of your skills isn't maxed yet. I'd max Heal before this so you have a better attack than Magic Claw, but don't dawdle on Spell Mastery! High Wisdom - A flat +40 to our INT when maxed. Not a high priority but it's nice to have. Here is my suggested skill progression for the second job. +1 Teleport +1 Holy Arrow +20 Heal (Max) +5 Invincible +15 Bless (Max) +20 Spell Mastery* +19 Teleport (Max) +20 MP Eater (Max) +10 High Wisdom (Max) +10 Invincible (Max) *If you don't plan on doing a lot of PQing, you can max Spell Mastery before Bless. Maxing Bless first will make your damage less stable, but will help you get into parties more easily (Nett's Pyramid is very good EXP and is highly recommended). However if you want to train solo, then max Spell Mastery first. Training Level 30-35 - Skeledogs, Mummy Dogs (Excavation site to the north of Perion. Use hidden map Military Camp 1) Level 35-40-ish - Kerning Square Quest chain (currently bugged) Level 40-50 - CDs (Kerning Square 5th floor) Level 40-60 - Nett's Pyramid Party Quest (Highly recommended) Level 50-55 - Saminhos (To the right of Korean Folk Town) Lel 55-70 - Blins (To the right of Korean Folk Town) Third Job Advancement When you're level 70 head to El Nath and enter the big house in the center of town. Talk to the Magician job instructor Robeira and tell her you want to become a Priest. If you haven't done so already, you should also talk to her to get permission to start your Zakum prequests while you're here. She'll tell you go talk to Grendel the Really Old again for the first part of the advancement, so head back to Ellinia! Grendel will tell you above a portal deep in Sleepywood's dungeon (unlike pre-BB there is only one portal for all Explorer classes), where you'll fight his clone. This fight is pretty simple but it can get annoying because Grendel can cast a skill sealing ailment. Bring a few all cures, and spam Holy Arrow, and this will be over pretty quick. Go back to Robeira in El Nath and she will tell you about the second portion of the test. Despite what she says you don't need a Dark Crystal. Head to the El Nath dungeon (use the Danger Zone Taxi if you don't want to walk), and press up on the shimming rock in the first map after talking to Jeff. At the bottom of this hidden map is the Holy Stone. Talk to it and you'll be asked a question (it seems to be just one, I'm not sure if it changes or is the same for everyone). Answer that correctly, get the Necklace of Wisdom and go back to Robeira. Congratulations, you're now a Priest! Skills Dispel - Removes ailments from your party members, also removes some buffs from enemies but which mobs this works on and which it doesn't is iffy. An important skill for bossing, which you'll be using a lot of lot. Watch the bosses and learn what animations play before they cast ailments so you can Dispel instantly. You need to put 3 points in this to unlock Holy Symbol, but maxing this can wait until near the end. Mystic Door - Your friends will love you for this. Creates a portal that your party can use to go to the nearest town... and back! Always keep a steady supply of Magic Rocks on you for this! It's good to get some points into this early (having a door that works for about a minute is sufficient), but like Dispel you want to save maxing it for later. As of this writing, Mystic Door does have a few weird bugs but it works on a baseline level. Best I can tell is don’t use this skill if you aren’t in a party. Holy Symbol - HS me plox! Seriously, don't dawdle with this skill. This is the main perk you bring to a grinding party... and it's huge! As long as you're in a party with at least one other player, this skill gives a whooping 50% additional EXP to everyone! Max this ASAP! Shining Ray - A major, major upgrade from any attack skill you've used before. Hits 3 lines on up to 6 enemies, and has a change to stun! Even at level 1 it is immensely powerful. Max Holy Symbol first, but Shining Ray should come not long after. Doom - No longer uses Magic Rocks, but it's still pretty useless. If you really want to max this you can reset some points from Shining Ray once you're well i to your fourth job and have all your endgame attacks maxed. There isn't much point though, as Doom has no practical use other than memes. Magic Booster - Increases casting speed for all of our attack spells. Very handy to have, but we'll do best to max our damage potential first. Save this for later. Teleport Mastery - This skill increases our Teleport distance, as well as turns Teleport into an attack. The damage is low but it's great for luring enemies. One point in this is all you need to get major use out of it. You'll max it later though. Holy Focus - More mastery, plus a passive crit rate! This is the source of a Bishop's steady damage. Max this! Holy Magic Shell - This skill is game-breaking in boss fights if used correctly. A good Bishop knows just the right moment to use this skill to make the most of of it. It won;t be needed until you're facing endgame bosses though, so save this for the very last. Here is my suggested skill progression for the third job. +1 Shining Ray +1 Teleport Mastery +3 Dispel +30 Holy Symbol (Max) +3 Mystic Door +29 Shining Ray (Max) +20 Holy Focus (Max) +20 Magic Booster (Max) +9 Teleport Mastery (Max) +7 Mystic Door (Max) +7 Dispel (Max) +20 Holy Magic Shell (Max) +1 Doom Training Level 70-75 - Nett's Pyramid Party Quest Level 70-80 - Roids (Magatia, Area C-1 of Alcadno lab) Level 75-85 - Pac Pinkies (Ghost Ship 1) Level 80-120 - Slimies (Ghost Ship 2. Highly Recommended. You should have no trouble finding a party thanks to HS even if there's no empty maps. Be on the lookout for Miracle Cubes!) Level 80-120 - Selkie Jrs, Mr. Anchors (Ghost Ship 5-6, alternatives to GS2 if you can't find a space there.) Level 110-120 - Lionheart Castle (Once Party Play has been restored.) Fourth Job Coming soon! Bossing Zakum This is fairly straightforward. Zakum is entirely unchanged from its pre-BB version, except in Nautilus its level has been reduced to 110, which will make things even easier. Thanks to stronger equipment and skills, what was once a grueling fight is now a breeze. The two main skills you'll be using are Heal and Dispel. One arm casts a skill-sealing ailment quite frequently, so spam Dispel for your party! Another arm casts an EXP curse, so Dispel that when you see that as well. Keep Holy Symbol on your party at all times to maximize EXP gain from each of the arms. You can use Genesis once at the beginning of the fight to hit all 8 arms yourself, but unless it's a solo / duo, focus on support for the rest of the fight. Once the arms are down you can smack the body with Angel Ray once. Zakum has three bodies, which all behave pretty much the same way. Zakum does not dispel (make sure not to forget about Magic Guard anyway), but it does do some annoying things. If it surrounds itself in lots of white rings, it's about to use a 1/1 attack, meaning your HP and MP will instantly be set to 1. Use a potion IMMEDIATELY. The lightning has a skill sealing effect, so use Dispel immediately after you see it. Spam heal to keep your party in top shape. Chances are nobody will die but Res them if they do. Use Genesis to clear the summons every 30 seconds. Don't worry about Holy Symbol until the 3rd body is almost dead. Cast HS on your party and collect your loot! If you are soloing or in a small group.... spam Angel Ray. That's about it. Horntail Just like Zakum, HT is unchanged from its Pre-BB counterpart, yet with better skills and gear the fight will be even easier. Bishops are ALWAYS the last players to enter, as the order of entering determines the seduce order. The expedition leader will announce when each player should enter. I'm not going to go into detail about what each part will do. If you are in the melee party you will be following the seduced Warriors and ensuring they are healed. The preliminary heads are very simple. Res your allies in the off-chance they die, keep everyone buffed with Advanced Blessing and Holy Magic Shell (when you can use it) and this will be over pretty quick. The actual fight follows the same logic but has more moving parts. Even if your allies are seduced, DO NOT follow them into HT's legs and tail. They WILL kill you, ESPECIALLY the tail! A good Warrior will use Hero's Will if they think they're in danger. Paladins are going to be just fine regardless. Once the legs and tail are down, the fight is pretty straightforward. Get rid of the summons with Genesis. If there are other mages in your group, alternate using your ultimate with them to clear the summons more often. Stay away from the edges of the map so you don't get hit by the falling rocks. They can kill you in combination with a 1/1. Watch out for the black wyverns as they can dispel your buffs. Cast Magic Guard IMMEDIATELY when this happens. The arms should be saved for last. They will cast mass seduce (which may affect you!) when they are below 50% hp. The most dangerous stuff should be gone by this point, so you should be fine, but if you are low on HP use your Hero's Will. If you're soloing or with just a small party... spam AR. Remember the above and use your buffs accordingly. Tips - When grinding with a party at LHC, don't just sit on a rope and leech, casting Holy Symbol every couple of minutes. Even if your range is low, join in on the fighting. Angel Ray is a lot stronger than people think, especially combined with our huge passive crit bonus and partial ignoring of enemies' defense. You'll get more EXP and probably be less bored! - Make lots of friends! While you'll inadvertently find yourself solo training sometimes, Bishop is a party class at heart. You're going to want people to train with, especially classes that can do a lot more damage than you! Not to mention you'll enjoy the game more by being social.. - Watch your buffs. ALWAYS! Keep an eye on the top right of your screen. The most important one to remember is Magic Guard, as many midgame and higher mobs and bosses WILL one-hit you without it! This is especially important in bosses that use dispel. If your buffs are dispelled, cast MG IMMEDIATELY, then worry about your party buffs. You can't keep your party healthy and alive if you're dead yourself! - Don't Res someone until you have CONFIRMED with them they are ready. Your skill is wasted if the player simply dies two seconds aft you bring them back. Res has a 10 minute cooldown at max level. Dead players also have 10 minutes before they are automatically kicked back to down so if your Res is on cooldown ask them to keep track of how long they've been dead for. If necessary, the expedition leader can swap you for another Bishop to Res. - If you are killed, don't worry! It happens to even the best of us! Sometimes a boss can just royally screw us over with a Dispel and we get hit a split second later. Sometimes our potions lag after getting hit with a 1/1, and our pet doesn't react in time. It happens! Just like any class, mastering all of your skills takes practice. If you die in a boss fight, keep track of how long it's been since you were killed and let the expedition leader know (or if you are the leader make the best decision). Most likely another Bishop will be moved into your party to Res you, so sit tight until that happens (remember to tell them when you are ready). Be sure to cast Magic Guard IMMEDIATELY after you are revived! - In a boss fight, pot often! You'll never overdo this as a Bishop! If your HP is below 80%... pot! Hit by a 1/1? Pot! Does your pet automatically use potions? Pot! Autopot is great but don't rely on it. It does lag sometimes. Usually the double pot usage from your pet and from manually potting will get you through any tough situations... just REMEMBER MAGIC GUARD! Credits Lumiere Network for creating and managing Nautilus. Wizet / Nexon / Asiasoft for creating Maplestory and official artwork. Ayumilove, Basilmarket, Mugen Archive, and Hidden-Street for skill information. MapleStory: Design for sprite images. Millard Fillmore for being President of the United States at some point in the 19th Century.