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  1. Combat Step

    Bug type: Skill Summary: Combat Step does not give passive movement speed Reproduction Steps: Make an aran Character Name & Class: Fake level 10 Aran Date and Time: 1/20/18
  2. Combo ability

    Bug type: Skill Summary: Combo ability does not add weapon attack as it should per skill level Reproduction Steps: Make a level 10 aran and cross reference any ascension wiki Character Name & Class: Fake level 10 Aran Date and Time: 1/20/18
  3. Monster crystals

    Bug type: item error Summary: extracting items gives incorrect amount of crystals Bug Description: Okay now. Break it down for us. Reproduction Steps: extract level 20 equipment to receive the crystals meant for level 40 equips Character Name & Class: Wind Archer Lamb Date and Time: 1 am est 1/16/18
  4. 100 year old garden

    Bug type: Spawn Summary: in the map 100 year old garden in mu lung, when the text says "king centipede has appeared" a zombie mushmom is summoned in its place Reproduction Steps: go in the map Character Name & Class: Lamb Wind Archer Date and Time: 9pm est 1/15/18
  5. monster park

    monster park past level 80 has level 130+ mobs in it
  6. Mob spawn rate

    mobs are spawning too quickly, as well as not being moved through the map they spawn about 3 seconds after being killed, as well as always spawn in the same place rather then shifting throughout the map to make sure you keep moving currently I can stand in one spot and farm the same 10 mobs as they never change places, meaning levels happen at least 3 times faster then they should be this isn't msea like at all in its current state
  7. Pet loot (fix please)

    when pet is looting it makes it so theres a delay while potting and using skills
  8. ludibrium bugs

    mobs drop lower level equips gachapon doesn't work
  9. ereve to orbis plane

    when taking plane from ereve to orbis, you are dropped off inside the ereve dock rather than the orbis ticketing booth
  10. ariant/magatia mobs

    mobs drop lower level equips, mobs do not drop mesos
  11. wind archer skill bugs

    list: storm not working final attack does not proc ever wind walk makes you invincible and never goes away when wind walk is enabled you should be able to pot and it should go away on hit
  12. mineral bag

    first mineral bag obtained simply turns anything put into it invisible, and not usable
  13. Pre big bang mobs

    All mobs from pre big bang still drop from their old tables (i.e golems dropping 60 equips, wraiths giving 200 mesos etc.)
  14. Kerning Square Mobs

    mobs do not drop any mesos, only items