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      Having trouble running our game client? Check our solutions here!   02/28/2017

      Hey players, We have received some reports of players having issues when attempting to play Rien. We've come up with potential solutions below, and we request that you try the following before you request for help regarding the game. - Open task manager (ctrl + shift + escape) and make sure no instances of Maplestory are running. Sometimes, on a failed launch the application may still remain. This will prevent startup.  - Search for cmd.exe on your PC and run the command prompt as an administrator. (Right-click -> Run as Administrator) - Run all the following commands individually, in order: netsh int ip reset all netsh winsock reset all exit firewall reset ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew - Disable your anti-virus (or whitelist/exclude our game client). - If you're on Windows 8 , 8.1, or 10, disable Windows Defender. - Move dinput8.dll to a different folder. - Reset any compatibility settings you may have enabled on our client.   If this still does not work, consider download DxWnd and setting it up.  - How to set up DxWnd Unzip DxWnd  Run it in Administrator Right click the empty white box and click Add Navigate to where Maplestory.exe is in your RienMaple folder at the (x86) location in your C: drive (or whatever drive it is in). Set DirectX Version to Hook to DirectX8 That's it! Now double click your application in DxWnd to run it in windowed. This also seems to reduce the amount of -2147 errors.   If none of these solutions work, try running a virtual machine. We recommend using VirtualBox since it's free and awesome! You may need a Windows ISO file if you do not have one already. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
      - Lumiere Network

Untradable Items

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Why are Dual Blade Mask and Elven Glasses untradable?

Could we make them tradable within account storage?

Is there any reasoning behind the decision of making such item untradable. 

Making untradable item makes the market more stales because fail craft cannot be sold in FM and have to be NPC'd (aka mass 30ed) while lower level player could benefit from buying them :thinking:

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I think this is a good idea and I agree with everything said. The amount of worthless failed equipment from black crystals is too high. This would give all of those items some use.  I've dropped a bunch of reverse dual blade masks with poor stats just to save inventory space. It's a shame all of those PoTs, AMC, and crystals couldn't be of use to another player. It's also rather demotivating that the nature of Maker'ing end game items offers repeated failure upon failure until you finally get lucky. Giving lower stat items some value lessens the blow a little bit. At least your mule can use them or a new player can use them etc. 

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So what do you guys think about that? make them tradable? or make them tradable within account? :)

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