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Nautilus Revision Log + Hype!

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Hello everyone, 

Sorry for disappearing for awhile. I hope everyone is well and has had an amazing Christmas holiday. I am sure many of you are waiting for the launch of Nautilus. As a matter of fact, I was notified by Steelflex that you guys wanted to know how things are going.  I've also taken a quick look at things on Discord here.

First off, I'd like to apologize for leaving everyone in the dark here. I am sure many of you have speculated on the existence of Nautilus and how things are coming along.  We are most certainly working tirelessly on the source and ensuring that there won't be any huge hiccups along the way even though it is a beta. As per the discussion in the Discord, many of you have indicated that you would like to see a revision log of some sort, and some hype to build it up. So I am here to deliver that. :)

Revision Log:

[Fixed] Gain guild point message when a character that doesn't have a guild
[Fixed] A skill macro display overlapping from a previous character
[Fixed] Nett's pyramid spawns where a monster will stop spawning due to a negative number being generated from the random number
[Added] Thunder Stone item script which takes 5 Stones for a Dream key
[Added] Thunder, Dawn, Blaze, Night and Wind stone drop from the respective monsters in Cygnus Stronghold
[Added] Entering Cygnus Garden Entrance requires a dream key (1 is required for entry)
[Removed] Channel requirements for Cygnus expedition
[Added] Merchant shop to Maya in Henesys
[Changed] Base potential upgrading probability from 4% to 7%
[Changed] Premium potential cube have 3% more probability than regular cubes
[Fixed] LudiPQ requirements for each stage due to changes in the Jump, Chaos, or Big Bang patches
[Fixed] Evan tutorial where there was a map warp issue for feamles (From Dream World - Dream Forest to Utah's House Small Attic)
[Added] ETC item (Cunning Fox tail) to Treacherous Fox
[Added] Power B. Fore NPC script for access to the training center for the Evan quest
[Fixed] Issue with quest completion where the quests that gave meso were misinterpretted as the requirements
[Added] Strange Mushroom quest chain for The Rememberer
[Added] Reactor drops to Maple Island boxes
[Added] Drops for Mai's training quest chain
[Added] Drops for Mai's training and updated the portal script for the training maps
[Added] Power B. Fore NPC script for access to Thief Training Centre for Dual Blade
[Fixed] Issue with quests that requires an item to be completed but was not specified as a requirement in the WZ
[Added] Meso drops to Dark Jr Yeti, Pepe
[Fixed] Issue with auto complete medal quest
[Fixed] Self destruction monsters such as Training Robot B
[Fixed] The Return of the Hero Script (Aran tutorial)
[Added] NPC script for Puro from Rien to Victoria Island and vice versa
[Added] Drops for the monsters in Penguin Training Center
[Added] Evan's hand tatoo quest upon clicking the giant Onyx Dragon Egg
[Added] Puro NPC (Riena Strait: Glacial Observatory) -> not in the game at this time
[Fixed] Issue with Aran cutscene where the player cannot be teleported out from it to Rien
[Changed] Boat packet to be GMS-like to include the Balrog invasion during the ride
[Added] NPC store repurchasing (up to 10 items)
[Added] Camel Taxi
[Fixed] Quests items were still being dropped instead of disappearing when quest is complete
[Fixed] Potential changes so that custom junk stats are not longer there for equipment with a unique tier. This is to make potential work similar to how it works in SEA
[Fixed] When cubing items that are unique, there is only a small chance (30%) that the second and third line will get unique
stats (epic otherwise)
[Changed] Increase the drop rate of rare monsters by 100x which guarantees an item drop per kill
[Added] Map notification when a rare monster spawns
[Fixed] Issue with object state in LudiPQ
[Changed] Increased rare monster HP to be x30
[Added] Merchant shop to Dorr from Mushroom Castle
[Added] Eos Tower Dollhouse quest chain
[Changed] Allowed multiple guild notices (guild notices are all bumped to the top)
[Added] FM Entrance teleport to prevent botting for FM spots
[Added] Mini dungeon Entrace at Drake Cave
[Fixed] Autoban issue with Evan's Onyx Will skill
[Added] Showa Town - Spa (F) Gachapon NPC
[Added] Temple of Time portal, shops, NPCs from Ascension update
[Fixed] Portal from Kerning Square to Kerning
[Added] Kerning Square questline and Kerning Square NPC shop
[Fixed] Shop crash for shops that sell items for another item such as Hooper
[Fixed] Evan's blink skill does not move the character for 3rd person views (only the dragon moves)
[Fixed] PVP does not give an error message if player attempts to start w/ party
[Fixed] If player starts PVP after abandoning party but does not @ea, the loading screen for PVP is stuck on.. loading.
[Fixed in future update] The gain message for items from the Peanut Machine are shown twice. Does not actually give it twice.
[Temp fixed] Either Beholder and/or the Impale skill for Dark Knights D/Cs
[Fixed] Summon attack display 
[Fixed] Client being stuck after deleting a character
[Fixed] Cannot use 2nd PIN after creating 2nd PIN
[Fixed] Player NPCs
[Fixed] Cygnus does not appear in the Cygnus Expedition
[Fixed] Divine Bird (Shinsoo) gives the buffs even if user is over level 30
[Fixed] Wind Breaker's Wind Shot skill does not apply damage to mobs
[Fixed] Crimson Balrog does not show up
[Fixed] Mai's training center
[Fixed] NPC Chat button keymap
[Fixed] Ickart's Vampire skill does not work
[Fixed] Adventurer tutorial image effects does not show
[Fixed] Wind Breaker's Wind Shot skill does not work
[Fixed] Divine Bird/Shinsoo giving the buff still if player is level > 30
[Fixed] Client crash while buying item from shop in exchange for items
[Fixed] Mobs w/ linked property crashing

Alright. That's all for n--Just kidding! I didn't forget the hype. Now let's start off with the favorite class of everyone at our sister server!


NOTE: Lionheart (Lion King's Castle) will be reverted to the GMS counterpart with Party Play. The test server has not had these changes made yet.








Now then, what should be shown next? How about Wild Hunter? ;)




Frequently Asked Questions/Clarifications:

1) Is Lionheart Castle (Lion King's Castle) going to be the SEA version? I saw that the screenshot had much lower EXP.

No. It won't be the version from SEA. We will be reverting this to the GMS counterpart with party play. The test server hasn't had this change made yet.

2) Regarding "potential changes so that junk stats are no longer there for equipment with a unique tier", does this mean all junk lines such as "ignore damage at a % rate", etc are removed?

Sorry. That was a mistake with transcribing the log by Steelflex. What the developer intended this to mean is that he created some custom junk stats due the common nature of cubes at the time. These custom junk stats have been removed. All this means is that the potential system resembles SEA even closer.

3) Has the mage map crashing issue been fixed yet?

It is still being looked into. The developer has not been able to replicate the crash. He has tried with different jobs, skills, boosters, etc. it may not be an Explorer mage issue. We need to look into this further.

4) Regarding "premium potential cubes have 3% more probability than regular cubes", does this mean 3% more chance to rank up potential?

According to the developer, upgrading from 2 lines to 3 lines was not possible at this time in SEA. The developer has made it a 3-5% chance of an upgrade from 2 lines to 3 lines.

5) Is the drop table MSEA-like and what about Gachapon?

For the drop table, the information is somewhat correct. What that means is that the information about item drops were extracted from the Monster Book. However, there are two problems that arise:

i) Monster Book only contains the items that the monster drops and not their chance values.

ii) Not all monsters are in the Monster Book such as World Tour monsters.

What the developer has done is come up with chance values that are hardcoded to what he felt was an accurate representation of the chance values, and added the World Tour monsters by hand (similar to what was done in Rien). Gachapon is not 100% SEA-like.

6) Is upgrading from 2 to 3 line premium cube exclusive? Or do regular cubes do it too?

They are not exclusive and both are able to do so. It is just that Premium Cubes have double the chances of doing so.

7) Will beta still be 1x/1x/1x?

Yes. They will be and this is to ensure that things are thoroughly tested and the progression is all sailing smoothly. We don't think this will be a huge hindrance considering how 1x in PostBB times are a lot easier.

8) Will there be multi-clienting?

Yes, there will be.

9) How much NX will be gained per vote?

8k NX. You can vote once every 24 hours.

10) Why SEA and not GMS? I heard GMS v117 had the Windows 10 fix.

SEA was a better option for us, and actually, the v117 fix that GMS applied isn't an actual fix. It is a "half-ass" fix that only works up to Windows 8.1. We've already applied our Windows 10 patch from Rien.

11) What is the level cap for Cygnus Knights?

It will be 200.

11) Which version of CPQ do we have?

Pre-BB CPQ. 


Let's leave things with a bang!

Anyways, I would like to thank you all for your patience and continued support for Nautilus. I am sure we won't disappoint you. Take care everyone, and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!



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On 12/30/2017 at 4:35 PM, Soiree said:

11) What is the level cap for Cygnus Knights?

It will be 200.


I think we need an explanation for this one? Makes no sense to me

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  On 2017-12-30 at 11:35 PM, Soiree said:

11) What is the level cap for Cygnus Knights?

It will be 200.


I think we need an explanation for this one? Makes no sense to me

Yeah I agree this doesn't make much sense considering KoCs lack of endgame skills and their early leveling advantage with the ap-boost from 1-70 . Wouldn't it be better to introduce the KoC revamp that increases the lvl cap to 200 later in the future instead of making custom changes to the classes now?

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