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Community Driven(?) Training Location Guide for Nauty V0.3 (Open-beta)

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Please post any other alternative training locations that are not stated here. 

This is a rough guide that I can remember off my head and looking up a few references, locations will be changed around after the server is out/beta ends.

Note that Haunted Mansion is not available in this server. Get creative and not rot in the mansion for about 80 levels.



First Job

10 - 16(?) - Quests from First Job Advance (You might be higher than level 16 with premium on)

10 - 15 - Blue Pigs near Nautilius

10 - 18 - Horny(ed) Mushrooms in Henesys  

15 - 20 - Hunting Mushmoms in Henesys (As long as you find them spawned, they should give you a level per kill)

18 - 30 - Golems (Progress up the golem temple as your level goes up, mixed golems before level 23) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

18 - 30 - Ligators (Need testing)

20 - 30 - Monster Park (Only with a party, and if you have potions to spare) (Party play experience currently borked)

20 - 40/50(?) - Kerning PQ (Requires testing against Nett's)

20 - 60/70[?) - (Ludibrium PQ (Requires testing against Nett's)

25 - 30 - Subway PQ (PQ to do for free potions, requires AOE skills)




Second Job

30 - 38/39/40 - Mushroom Kingdom Quest Line (Premium highly recommended, might level past 40 with it, need testing) {TOTALLY BORKED}

30/35/38 - 40/45/50 - CDs in Kerning Square (You could do the Kerning Square quest line as an alternative) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

30 - 35/37 - Other maps in Kerning Square (If you cannot handle CDs yet, try the other maps in Kerning Square, they are mostly really good)

35 - 50 - Drakes in Sleepywood (Copper Drakes in Silent Swamp is excellent for party play, Drakes in Sunless Area is good for solo/duo)

45 - 50 - Moon Bunnies in Korean Folk Town - Black Mountain <Corner> (Good map with 3 lanes full of bunnies to slaughter, also a teleport spot at the bottom)

50 - 55/60 - Samihos in Korean Folk Town - Moon Ridge (Great spawn with 2 lanes, however Nine-Tailed Fox spawns here as well. Prepare lots of All Cure Potions since they'll curse you lots) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

55 - 70 - Blins in Korea Folk Town - Top of Black Mountain [Tons of EXP per kill due to having 2 forms, really good spawn just by staying in the middle lane) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

55 - 65 - Showa Town - Finance of Flaming Raccoon (DB Niche)

55 - 65 - Malaysia - Longest Ride on Byebye Station (Mechanic Niche)

60 - 65 - Ludibrium - Lost Time <2> [Archer Niche, snipe on one lane and rotate as you kill one side)


20 - 40/50(?) - Kerning PQ (Requires testing against Nett's)

20 - 60(?) - Ludibrium PQ (Requires testing against Nett's)

30 - 50 - Monster Carnival PQ (If it works) {ALSO BORKED}

40 - 60 - Nett's Pyramid (Lots of EXP per round, recommended to do it in a party, requires AOE skills) **Current Meta, highly recommended

51 - 70 - Monster Carnival PQ 2 (Do people do this?) [Untested from here}

60 - 80 - Sea of Fog PQ - (BORKED)

30 - 70 - Monster Park (Only with a party)

30 - 70 - PVP (Do you really want to torture yourself?)





Third Job

70 - 75 - Dark Sand Drawf & Sand Rats in Ariant : The Desert of Serenity [Replacement for scorpions since the spawn is terrible)

70 - 75 - Wolf Spiders in New Leaf City (Decent spawn, decent EXP, but it drops lv75 capes and earrings, required for your equipment progression)

70/75 - 80/85 - Roids in Magstia (Beware, this location is gonna be crowded) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

80/85 - 100/120/200 - GS1/2/5/6 (No place like ghost ship amirite?) **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

90/95 - 110/120 - Sharks in Aqua Road (Great spawn at the bottom of the map, you could rotate at the bottom left, right, and middle, killing the gobies while waiting for spawn. Good place to farm for capes, earrings, and high level gear, EXP not as viable though. Beware of the dispels as well)

100 - 110/120 - Pirates in Herb Town (Great spawn and map, use the 2nd map, only viable for classes with multi-lane AOEs)

------------------------------- [TBC from this line} ---------------------------

100 - 120 - Kentarus in Leafre (Most people go for Blue Kentas outside Manon's Forest, if you're an ice mage then go for Fire & Darkness map)

100 - 120 - Dual Ghost Pirates (Rien players will have PTSD of this map) (not good until spawn revamp)

105 - 120 - Spirit Vikings (Also to farm Ilbis, not good until spawn revamp)

110 - 120 - Lion Heart's Castle - Crocky (After the MSEA Nerf is reverted.)

115 - 120 - Dark Yeti (Here's where MSEA's adaption comes in, after LHC nerf)


70 - 119 - Lord Pirate PQ (BORKED)

70 - 119 - RnJ PQ (BORKED)

70 - 119 - Orbis PQ (BORKED)

110 - 120 - Escape PQ (Lots of EXP, but has a 6 per day limit, TEMP PQ LEVEL LIMIT REDUCTION TO 110, WILL REVERT TO 120 SOON)

70 - 120 - PVP (You really love this game mode huh?)




Forth Job

Note that most out of the world locations needs testing, EXP rates varies from class to class, test which one suits best for you.

120 - 165/200 - Lion Heart Castle (After nerf is reverted)

120 - 123 - Dark Yetis

120 - 130 - Gigantic Spirit Viking in Deep Ludibrium (Another location Rien players will have PTSD of)

120 - 130 - Grim Phantom Watch in Deep Ludibrium

122 - 132 - Werewolf in El Nath

123 - 133 - Blue/Red Dragon Turtles in Leafre 

124 - 134 - Lycanthropes in El Nath

126 - 136 - Rexton in Leafre

127 - 137 - Coolie Zombies in El Nath

131 - 141 - Bains in Showa (One of my favorite maps, flat map with 1 lane.)

142 - 150 - Temple of Time, Memory Lane Quests (You could start grinding there at this level)

145 - 155 - Jr. Newtie & Nest Golem  in Leafre 

147 - 157 - Skeles in Leafre (You thought you could get rid of skeles in Post-BB setting)

153 - 160 - Temple of Time, Road to Regrets Quests

160 - 166 - Temple of Time, Road to Oblivion Quests

160 - 200 - Temple of Time, Road to Oblivion 2/4/5 (Unfortunately, with LHC and SH nerfed to the ground (Party play was removed and base xp was lowered by 100%), this was where end game MSEA players gathered to rot till Lv200)

165 - 180 - Knight's Stronghold - First/Second Drill Hall (Just in case this place gets reverted, this place will be viable again.)

175 - 200 - Knight's Stronghold - Hall of Honor (Just in case this place gets reverted, this place will be viable again.)




PQ & Bosses

120 - 200 - PVP (What's wrong with you? Get some help.)

120 - 200 - Escape/Kenta/Rex/Dragon Rider PQ (Kenta and Escape currently fully work, Rex and Dragon Rider are not working)

120 - 200 - Monster Park (Once you're strong enough, you can solo it, else just go with a party)

125 - 200 - Papulatus Clock

130 - 200 - Von Leon (Your end game equipment pinata until Cygnus' bodyguards start going down, he has 550mil hp and a lot of status effects, including potential lock and damage reflect. Bring a party, don't torture yourself going in solo)

130 - 200 - Pianus

130 - 200 - Zakum (Our dear Zak has been nerfed to Level 110, you could start fighting him with a party at Lv12x, eventually soloing him)

130 - 200 - Female Boss (Anego) in Showa

140 - 200 - Chaos Zakum

160 - 200 - Horntail 

160 - 200 - Chaos Horntail

175 - 200 - Bodyguard A, B, The Boss in Showa 

180 - 200 - Pink Bean

190 - 200 - Cygnus (Let's see if the server reaches this point)



http://sea.hidden-street.net -  database of MSEA up to Chaos (INACCURATE DATABASE FOR THE SERVER)

https://www.youtube.com/user/coppersan/ - Reference for some training spots

Edited by Ceia
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4 hours ago, Ceia said:

60 - 80 - Sea of Fog PQ (If this is in the patch, unsure)

Would be very cool if we could have this pq in the server, but I don't think the devs have mentioned anything about it. I'm still hoping for the best though :25mxp:

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Back from my holidays. 

Following changes are made:

Subway PQ as meta from 25-40

Nett's Pyramid as meta from 40-70

A few spots removed after testing them.

A bit of formatting to ease reading

Will update more as it goes.

Edited by Ceia
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57 minutes ago, Ceia said:

Back from my holidays. 

Following changes are made:

Subway PQ as meta from 25-40

Nett's Pyramid as meta from 40-70

A few spots removed after testing them.

A bit of formatting to ease reading

Will update more as it goes.

25-30 Subway PQ requires mob skills to complete (not for everyone) :SeemsGood:

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On a bandit I was able to get about 3115 exp/minute camping a platform of freezers in singapore with steal. maybe good as an alternative to going to CD's early for classes that can't mob well for the subway.


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Updated thread, Subway PQ removed from meta spot as its nerfed.

KPQ and LPQ still requires testing.

Nett's Pyramid viability reduced to lv60

Escape PQ added as 110 - 120 spot TEMPORARILY 

LHC Buff coming soon.

Edited by Ceia

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Kerning Square Monster Park SOLO 1/2 RUN - slightly better to slightly worse than Blins solo depending on clear speed but do give you a lot of useful stuff. If you're a long-ranged class then engage the Cheap Amplifiers at range and keep them there as they have a small but significant chance to crash you on-attack. Clear out the bottom floor of Stage 5 and then quit, the 2 bosses are 100% not worth your time. If you're a melee class - clear out the bottom floor of Stage 3 then quit, it's not worth the risk of crashing. If you can do to Stage 5 in 9 mins or less/Stage 3 in 5 1/2 mins or less then this beats Blins.

(60+) Scarf Pleads in Ariant Desert ('Dry Desert' iirc) - better than Blins, higher pot burn.



Authorised Personnel Only in Magatia AKA 'Nothin Personnel Kid' - I tested this, it's marginally better than GS2 Arrow Rain stair spam which means it should be significantly better than solo GS2 for classes which can't cheap out on the stairs. Very good solo map, especially for classes with low mobility, good drops. Don't party here, use a GS map to party.


For 95+

These are all better than Ghost Shit 6

Red Nose Pirate Den 3 - also a viable map for either multi-laners (stand on staircase to hit 3 lanes) or normal classes as they can still hit 2 lanes whereas they probably couldn't at RNPD 2.

Along Ulu City - amazing map and spawn, downside, the Montrecers throw annoying stuns at you whenever you pause for a moment.

Ulu City Centre - 'The Classic', very good map generally even if EXP:HP ratio not as good as GS maps, better spawn compared to Mr. Wanchors, best for classes with a double-jump/mobility. IF YOU'RE AN IL OR FP GO HERE YOU SHIT ON THIS MAP SO HARD.

Edited by Shyvana

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