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     Hello, loves :P! I'm Matt, better known as Fumbles. I will be making a guild called Eclipse during the head-start, and hope to start recruiting on the 13th! It will have many fun things to do, such as earning achievements, bossing, and events! My goal for this guild is to provide a fun and exciting experience that anyone, regardless of level or funding, can enjoy. Everyone will be welcome to the guild!
     I've been playing MapleStory since 2006 and been to many servers. I've gathered great ideas from these servers and plan on using those ideas to make Eclipse the best it can be!
Keep in mind when reading this, everything is subject to change, and things are likely to not be implemented until the official launch.
Guild Hierarchy




Here are summaries of important posts we will have in the Guild BBS (BBS is currently very buggy):

     This is something fun Eclipse and it's members can participate in. It could be anything from a raffle, an EXP event (through Guild Skills), or something more hands-on. Events will make it fun again to be in a guild and encourage everyone of all levels to play together!

Ranking and Achievements


     Eclipse will rank it's members by more than level...Now, guildmates shall admire you for your achievements! Each Achievement earns you a rank-up in the Guild Hierarchy!
The achievements we will oversee are as follows:
"Famous" = Gather 20 Fames
"Event Envy" = Win an event or raffle
"Investor" = Hold at least 20m* at once
"On Board" = Win 20 Omok/Card games
"Donor" = Donate 5m* at once to the guild
"Contributor" Earn 5,000 GP
*Meso amounts may be adjusted after beta.





     It is very important to us that Eclipse stays as active as possible. To reduce inactivity, I will expel members who have not played in over two weeks, limit two characters per account, and delete old BBS posts that are no longer relevant.

     I can keep track of who is inactive by simply checking a players "Guild Points". GP is earned by staying online for an hour, leveling up, and bossing with guildmates. If a member fails to do any of these actions within two weeks, they will be removed until recruited again.

     Keeping track of characters is simple, too. Just let me or a Junior know that you have two characters in the guild, and we'll write a comment below with your names (Ex. FumblesNL/FumblesDB). If you decide to quit one, we'll remove the comment.


Join our club in the forums to discuss the guild and keep up to date!
     Well that's about it! I hope you had time to read it and are interested in what we do. If you or a friend would like to join, @Fumbles on discord (best), leave a comment/PM, add or whisper "Fumbles" in-game! You could also talk to a Junior or member in-game.
     The goal in beta is to simply gauge the interest of Eclipse, follow the progression of the server, and form a friendly group. Before the wipe, we will have a discord to stay connected, but for now, I hope
everyone has a great time in Nautilus~♥ 
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I’m in. I’ll be glad to handle bossing for the guild at least during beta.  I have experience organizing bossing during this era of maple and I’m totally for social events too! 

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